How can I get my big recruiter upline to use "Friends, Lies…"?

From an email:

“My upline Dave is really successful, and he focuses on recruiting. How can I get him interested in what you’re doing?”

You don’t. Dave doesn’t need my help. So we can leave him be.

If Dave has people in his business who are not making it though, the Friends, Lies and Network Marketing approach might be an option. Beats having them drop out.

Dave doesn’t have to change what he does. He can offer this to anyone who isn’t making the business work the way he’s doing it. That way no one is wrong.

Friends, Lies and Network Marketing download here. Free …What if it helps a few of them stay in?

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Kim Klaver


  • Kim,

    I love this post. It is so real. You are not trying to convert anyone to your way of thinking, you are simply helping those that need your help.(serving them)

    Thanks for all you do!

  • I am not sure about “getting” the upline to use anything or make a shift. Of course, we all wish the entire industry would come around to our way of thinking about the business, ha, but someone has to WANT to change.

    So, what I would do is share this info, share the PDF and let your upline know how YOU are using this with your team and then share updates on how it is helping.

    The biggest compliment one can hear as a professional network marketer is that you are honest and authentic in your approach to people.

    He could then, if he chooses, to incorporate it into his training program, use is as an initial offering even to prospects and people looking at the business.

    I know this is more of the approach I take. I like training people UP FRONT about what it will take and answering their questions.

    Thanks Kim, the more we get it out there, the better we will ALL be as an industry!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer
    MLM Training BLOG

  • Kim,

    I just read your report!
    What can I say…I love it.

    You make things simple to understand for all who read your stuff. I like how you laid the report out and love how it flowed.

    The tips you give in there as far as language goes are powerful. Thank you for doing this industry a favor writing this report.

    It should be required reading for all who join.

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  • I must agree with Ty.

    Just like you’ve always taught us, Kim – give people a buffet table of ideas and let them choose what works best for them.

    There is not just ONE way to do network marketing.


    Roxanne Green

  • Thanks again Kim You always have nuggets of truth I can use.

    It is great to have someone providing information who has integrity.

    Walter Seward

  • Aren’t we now talking about bringing about a massive change within the industry of NWM? If we truely go upline with the 12 Tips.

    Going upline could cause a fuss with anyone that has upline using Old School methods. Your upline may be comfortable with Old School because they believe Old School works.The Manifesto is a major paradigm shift and may not be readily accepted by anyone really making 6 figures or more. I’m fortunate to be with a company that has a 10 level comp plan. And I’m truly blessed to know everyone upline on a first name basis with the exception of the #1 Top Banana who has been with the company since day #1. I’ve e-mailed the Manifesto up three levels and had some wonderful discussions. Do I think that our entire organization will embrace the Manifesto? Yes, overtime. It’ll take a full season. You first have to plant the seed
    (offer the Manifesto) then water it (open discussion) and then allow for growth (application) and then wait for the harvest (true acceptance)

    It’s much easier to go downline with the Manifesto. I use one of the tips in my weekly e-mail blasts and the message has fallen on good soil.

    Much success

  • Typo correction to my posted comment above.
    We should not have to “bop” anyone over the head – including our upline.

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