"How much is it"?

A mini how-to-say-it tip from a book or CD of Kim’s.

Here’s a way to reply to a customer who asks you that:

“How much is it?”

“It depends. Let me tell you how it comes. You can get a one month supply for $45. Three-four months for $39. If you do a standing order it’s $37. And if you like buying in bulk, they have a bargain hunter package – 10 boxes for $31/each.”

Plug in your own numbers for the customer options you have. Do not confuse folks who are just customers with recruits. They’re not the same.

Next: if you’re replying to a recruit.

This tip is from the book here, “If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It?” Ch 9, p. 129: When someone says yes. (Book is on right side, middle, of the linked page.)

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  • KIm,

    I am selling a high ticket item, I am just wondering this will work over the phone

    “It depends, let me tell you how it comes, You can get a Single size width 100cm mattress pad for S$6100, and a double size width 140 cm mattress pad for S$ 8100”

    Will people spend that kind money over the phone?

    My impression is high ticket item need face to face selling?

    Any Comments?

  • T. Money Ngoh,

    If you are not bothered by the price it shouldn’t matter. It is what it is belly to belly, via a satellite, through a wire or on paper.

    Your need to be face to face would be to read their reaction when you present the price, correct?

    That’s what makes me think you might be price shy. For sure, if you act like it’s a lot, then they will surely agree with you.

    Price is a function of preceived value. If you have built the value correctly, you should be able to confidently say it is only $6100 for the 100cm single size and only $8100 for the 140cm double, with out your voice wavering.

    Practice it on a voicemail and see how you sound.

    To YOUR success,

    Tom Doiron

  • Tom,

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Your insight to my challenge give me another view into my issue

    Is there anything else to deal with price shy??

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