How To Build It In 5 Hours a Week

One hour per day, five days a week, can result in an excellent harvest. If you know how to spend those hours.

Take any activity you’re thinking of doing. Run it through the test below. Then you’ll know whether to do it or not and just what to expect if you do.

“For every action you must know the result that is expected to follow, the means thereto and the capacity for it.” M.K. Gandhi (Won independence from Britain for India’s one billion people without ever holding office or owning anything – not even his home. This rule is how he got so much done.)

The words that matter are:

  • action
  • know the result that is expected
  • the means thereto
  • the capacity for it

Here’s an example.

Talking to people. Not just ANY talking, but purpose-driven and short as it relates to your business. Here’s what I taught a group this week. I used my own stuff, of course, and you’re welcome to use your own if it’s working for you.

Action: Talking to people. Use one-liners with 10 people per day. The last line is a special question that should be used exactly. (Tonight, the number one producer of an established company told his group (of 120,000) that he used these very lines to build a business that earns him $20,000/week now. I was on the call and heard it myself. (!)
He learned it from the Mini script kit here. The maxi (newer and bigger) is what his group has gotten now so they can learn it too.

Result that is expected to follow: You have now planted 10 seeds (or as many as you connected with). 10 folks will know that you are expanding your business and who you are looking for. 10 people are now on the alert.

Means thereto (how the action will be done): You must somehow find 10 people per day to talk to, however you do that. One hour per day should be enough if you use the little scripts. Best if they’re local to you. Best of all – folks you know or referrals. (You will NOT be asking them to join or buy, so not to worry!)

Capacity for it: Do you have the personality and the will to contact 10 people in your hour per day? And can you stand it if most don’t know anyone? Can you deal with knowing that you are seeding, and not yet harvesting anything?

Go ahead and test all your activities with this metric and see what happens. Which you dump, which you do…fun!

Tell you what. I can help you if you need help doing this. It’s not instant, but easily learnable.

For the next 20 folks who get either the mini or maxi script kit (CD and orange book combo, MP3 version counts, too), I will conduct a short tele-class, on the house, to show you how to do this. So you can have your 7 second purpose-driven script, customized to you, also. Let the seeding begin.

You can test ANY activity against this metric, no matter what you are trying to accomplish.

P.S. When you get the script kit, email me here so we can get our group of 20. I’ll set up the tele-class. No charge for the 20. What if it works for you like, well, like it has for some other people?

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  • I think there is a typo in your title. It should be "How To Build It in 5 Hours a 'Week'", not "5Hours a 'Day'".

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