How To Get the $ You Want, Guaranteed.

Two successful and fun Internet guru boys are doing an online call right now, telling how helpful it is to be specific about how much you want to make.

Have you heard people say, I want to make “as much as possible”? People who have that as their goal can never reach it. Because. How much is that, anyway?

Step One. Write down a specific number. Hint: Choose one you believe you can achieve.

As someone in the sales business, do this:

Take the number you wrote down, and divide it by the dollar amount you earn per sale. That’s how many sales you need. That’s it. It’s guaranteed (if they pay you what they promise).

1. Customer example:

Lulu wants to make $300/mo part time. She wants to get customers. The product package she personally uses and likes to sell is $40/mo for a preferred customer. The company pays her $15 for each one. How many customers does she need to get, who spend the $60/mo, to earn $300/mo?

My math says 20. 20 x $15 = $300.

When she gets those 20 regular customers, she’ll be earning that $300 extra per month. Guaranteed.

(If your company uses points, figure it out based on the dollars the customer needs to spend and the dollars you make. You might be surprised that you’re getting less than you thought. That’s the drawback of point plans. You always get less than it seems. But KNOW what you’re getting so you know how many sales you need.)

2. Recruiting example:

Archie wants to make $5,000 in a month. He likes to recruit. His company has business product packages that sell for $497. He makes $100 for each one he sells. How many does he have to sell to make $5k?

50 x $100 = $5,000

Very specific goals like this enable very specific answers and action plans. You must know how much your company pays you for 1) your personal customers and/or 2) your personal recruits.

Do you know that? Then you can pass GO…

Step Two. HOW to get those customers and recruits. Lots of tips for both on this blog and here. See Funnies (how not to) or stories of peeps who lead with their own peculiarities. And of course the 9 Cruise Recruiting Tips here.

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Kim Klaver


  • Good tip, Kim. Working backward like that can take a huge goal and break it down into little, digestable pieces. Once you figure out how many sales it will take to make your goal income, then you can figure out how many business presentations per day that would be. Then how many prospects per day to get those presentatons. Then how many ads you need to place to get that number of daily prospects.


  • Really Simple.. but this is exactly HOW I made almost 1/2 million $$$ in 1984.. and wearing out a calculator doing it!!!!!
    I sold policies myself and recruited really good women and trained them to do the same.
    By telling my story and knowing exactly what we had to do.. to get there..
    Also, many women made a great deal of money too because they were doing the same thing I was doing.
    Right on,again, Kim!

    Sooo many priceless nuggets
    you give us.
    Thanks .. as always.
    Mary Nolan

  • Knowing the numbers will show us which areas we need to concentrate on. For example if we convert at 1% at 1 per hundred, then to make 2 sales we have to show to 200. That is our road map!

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