How to sell to the choir

It’s easier to sell religious stuff to the choir than to the heathen…

“No thanks.”

That’s what Lulu’s friend told her about her organic skin care products. Certified organic, even.

How could anyone say NO to certified organic skin care products, thought Lulu. Doesn’t every woman know that regular skin care products are made of chemicals and toxins that go directly into your skin? Over time, they take their toll on how you look…

Yes, they often hype good-sounding popular herb on the label, but very little of that is in the product. Read the ingredients…you’ll see.

Back to Lulu and her friend. The friend is sticking with Ponds for $6. Not Lulu’s which is 3 times more.

Lulu’s friend is an organic skin care heathen. Even after hearing all the reasons, she passed. Lulu got over it. She realized that:

-Certified organic skin care products are a specialty item.
-Specialty products come with specialty prices.
-Specialty priced stuff requires people with shared values to buy them.

Lulu decided right then to market only to her choir – someone who:

  • really cares about her skin and thinks she can do something about it.
  • realizes that what you put on your skin will make a big difference in how it looks over the years.
  • realizes chemicals and toxins are not good for your skin over the long term.
  • appreciates that certified organic skin care products do not have the harmful ingredients the other stuff has.

That’s her ‘religion’ and she’s sticking to it.

(Lulu also noticed that her well-intentioned attempts at “educating” her friend came across as nagging. So she let go and saved the relationship.)

Remember: If your product is specialty, it will likely be specialty priced. So you need to ask for folks who share the value which is the basis for the product’s design and price.

People are different. Live with it.

Isn’t it easier to sell religious stuff to the choir than to the heathen? What’s your religion?

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Kim Klaver


  • Wow…you are knocking them out of the park, Kim! Here is a recent conversation I had regarding my product. I market an energy drink without sugar.


    it sounds interesting. how much would it cost?


    I market the product so you could get the product through me.

    The amount? It depends. Let me tell you how it comes. They have three packages depending on what you want. They have a deluxe package, medium, and a starter. This can be either a single flavor case or a mixed case of flavors.

    *In the Deluxe package, you get 2 cases of Product A and 1 case of Product B and they give it to you for $95.52.

    *In the Medium package, you get 2 cases of Product A and 3 boxes of Product C and they give it to you for $80.72.

    *In the Starter package, you get 1 case of Product A and they give it to you for $23.88.

    Which one do you think might be good for you?

    how much comes in a case? it'd have to be a fair amount for me to pay 24 bucks for the starter package.

    12 comes in a case. 🙂

    P.S. This sounds like something that may not be for you which is fine. Thanks for your help, Prospect A. Please don't keep me a secret. I'm never too busy to help someone you care about. 🙂


    No sense of playing the Mother Theresa syndrome because of what you taught! So this felt good to say 'no' first! I am looking for lovers!

  • I think we all have a product that we will be willing to pay for because WE have decided it is worth the price.

    I have found if people need convincing about why your product is better than the guy's next door, they probably aren't your customer.

  • This post helps us to appreciate that you CANNOT sell to everyone who comes within 3 feet of you! Not everybody is going to buy. When we assume that EVERYONE will want what we have then we become frustrated when they don't want it right? Remember: Some will, some won't, so what? NEXT! Happy Sales!

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