How To Set Up Your Own Online Store

Cool tips from LifeHacker here. For NMers, you’ll probably have to get permission to put your products on a separate page from that of your company’s sales page.  But you might have other stuff you want to sell…A wonderful do-it-yourself guide. A taste.

You can really make a big difference speaking about the brand awareness and sales. When you have an ecommerce, It is easy to set up a storefront at your own domain name and sell your products globally, the good thing is that you do not need multiple storefronts to be seen across the entire world and this makes it more profitable than physical stores.

“With free tools and cheap web hosting, there’s really no reason you can’t have your own catalog and shopping cart on the web if you’ve got something worth selling. Whether you’re looking for a side project or a real source of income, here’s a starting-from-scratch guide to setting up shop on the web. Want some more help, check this ecommerce order fulfillment software after reading the full post.

Why Host Your Own Online Store?

“There are plenty of places you can easily sell stuff online, Amazon and eBay included. We’ve previously looked at the most popular places to set up shop online, covering sites like Shopify and Etsy. Still, the winner of that Hive Five was a self-hosted storefront, and for good reason.

“Hosting your own e-commerce site gives you more control over the shop and its presentation, is better for business branding, makes moving to another web host easier, and can be more cost-effective. You can, for example, MORE here

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