I finally started using Twitter

I’ve starting to use it to collaborate with others, start discussions, and get input…

Twitter is free, simple to use, and fun if you like quick connects with people you care about or whose daily doings you’d like to know about – from your secret amour or hero – to college friends or competitors who tell what they’re reading, new ideas they’re trying, products they’re launching, inside stuff. And personal stuff.

You can sign up free here:

If you want to follow someone, e.g. moi, go here:

Click “follow” if you want to stay connected with me. I’ve just started using Twitter.

You can see who I am following there too. And you can enter a name and see if they’re on Twitter and follow them.

Here’s a quick primer on Twitter from our “poker game” man from yesterday’s post – how to get started in a few minutes. Thanks Eben.

Have fun!

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Kim Klaver


  • Kim,

    Great that you’re on Twitter! I’ve been on for some time and really love it.

    If you follow a lot of people, consider using TweetDeck.

    Also, I’ve got a lot of twitter tips up my sleeve, so if anyone has any questions, you can ask me via twitter @WalterReade

    Looking forward to your tweets!

    — Walter Reade (from Wisconsin)

    My Twitter Page

  • Happy New Year Kim,

    I just started using Twitter more frequently as of late. I still must get into the mode of being more social on it without getting carried away and losing track of time. 😉

    I find it to be a great way to compliment my blog posts and article writing content as well.

    Shoot me a email at and I’ll send you a copy of a cool Twitter e-book I’ve been following that has a lot of great resources.

    Take care,

    Kylon Trower
    (beautiful Santa Clarita, CA)

  • Hey, welcome to Twitter there! Twitter can be a GREAT way to network with those in your industry and form some business partnerships. It is also a great way to syndicate content that you produce

  • HELP

    When I first investigated Twitter I was told “chose carefully your sign in name” meaning it should be some way to find you ie if you are selling phone plans, for example, then your name should be something like ‘callfree’. (Does what I am saying sound clear enough?)

    Anyway that made me freeze in my process of exploring Twitter further.

    Suggestions/help would be appreciated.

    Pathetic Peggy from Porcupine

  • Peggy,

    Use your real name. It is authentic. Twitter is crawling with people trying to pitch you something. There are a million and a half CEOs, Gurus, Experts, and Pros. No one believes them.

    Spend most of the time posting authentic messages. Connect with people. Be kind. Complement. Share interesting links.

    Every once in a while, do a promotional link. (I recommend using a click-through tracking service, e.g., budURL, to see how many people actually click on the link you provide.)

    Once you make connections, see if they’re on Facebook and invite them to connect there. It’s easier to build relationships on FB.

    That’s your best bet at making Twitter work for you.

    My blog has some more advice and techniques for managing Twitter.

    Slight Edge Networking

    Contact me directly if you have more questions.

    Walter Reade (from Wisconsin)

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