"I hesitated too long" she wrote

Reader Erica made two poignant admissions in response to A simple fix for the economy?

“I hesitated too long to find a job again when I was not successful in NM” and

“I admit that I too made NM look – for new people – like a way out of their financial mess. It didn’t work.”

Beautifully said. Your take?

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  • I think Erica is on the path to finding success because she is taking responsibility for her actions. When you admit that you are at fault then it means that it is something you can change.

    For most people NM is not going to be the overnight solution to financial problems. It is not because of a flaw in NM, it is what's required to make it work.

    People tend to ignore the fact there are only 2 activities in NM that end with you getting a check…
    1) You making a sale
    2) You recruiting people and they make sales

    You can't build residual income until you first build an income.

  • When you learn to keep what you have so you don't have to earn as much, it takes the pressure off of you.

    It gives you a safety net in case you don't succeed right away, or don't succeed at all.

    Sometimes you have to go through a few things before you're successful. Living below your means allows you the flexibility to fail, and to learn from it, without so much financial stress.

    Many people do not take any risks, and therefore never learn, because they know they cannot afford to fail. They do not have a financial safety net. If something goes wrong, they would lose their financed lifestyle.

    As you've said, they are well dressed slaves. They'll never make a difference because they're too busy making a living and don't have time to make a life.

    Who wants to live like that?


    Eat Well. Live Well.

  • What a brave admission. Kudos to Erica! Don't give up on MLM … just get the education and do your due diligence first. It's a great industry when you're in the right company.

  • When you are in the right company AND telling YOUR story.
    So much easier too.
    Thanks, Erica.
    For me, confession to what is true is balm for my soul.
    Mary N

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