"I was feeling pretty discouraged today"

Some of you know I’m involved in some marketing experiments in Northern California these days. I’m helping some friends in an NM business. One part of this experiment is cold-calling local leads.

Last week I got about 300 local leads from a biz-op leads broker friend of mine. He deals only is biz-op leads. (Gasp, yes I know most people find those icky.) These were basically nickel leads from his data base, and they had not been pre-qualified in the past few years. He didn’t know how old they were. We got name, phone # and email and decided to test them.

Thought you might be interested in the results we’ve gotten so far.

The gal calling the leads is a knowledgeable and experienced network marketer with whom I’ve worked for 15 years. I cooked up an opening script for her, which she personalized and added to. There is NO hype snuck into these conversations, no promises of big money free time, etc.

My friend has worked cold market before, but not in the last five years. She knows it’s a different market today. She wrote me earlier this evening:

“I was feeling pretty discouraged today. All the disconnects, voice mails and dead end wrong numbers. I kept relaxed with it even so…

  • Dialed 62 numbers in all if I’m counting correctly
  • Disconnects – 12 and 1 wrong #
  • Left message – 40 (2 phone #’s just rang and rang – no VM)
  • Connected with – 7 (3 answered + 2 Call-Backs and 2 took messages)
  • Live wires with similar values and networks of people – 3 matches (2 are hot)

Bottom line: so far, out of 62 calls, there are 2 extra good matches.

Lady one. A leader in a local group – “the [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes” overflow=”visible”][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” background_color=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” spacing=”yes” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”0px” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_direction=”left” hide_on_mobile=”no” center_content=”no” min_height=”none”][CITY X’s] Women’s Hall of Fame.” She has already invited my friend to come and speak to this group of leading women in that city (!). Most of them share the alternative health and non-drug and non-toxic values we are offering…We’re setting up the event now.

Lady two. My friend wrote tonight, “She sounds FAB. Does Massage and MLM with some company that has a Chinese alternative product…has her kids in Waldorf and a super friendly voice. We hit it off. I sent her the Video and she wrote down our event in Feb. She already sent me a warm email tonight.” (from my friend to me-kk).

That’s two “right ones” out of 62. So was all that depressing work worth it?

Consider: These two women have networks, and spend their money on things that matter to them. The Waldorf school is not cheap. Neither of these women whined about not having money. They live their values. They were super excited about a non-drug, toxin-free product line. And the Dr. gal, with the Women’s Hall of Fame group, well, they’re all business women. Who wouldn’t want to get in front of them?

Note: These gals did not get “sent” to the company website, nor did they listen to an opp call and nor would we dream of three-waying them in with anyone who just talks about the money they might make. These things are not the first priority of these women. They want to make a difference and have an impact first.

We have another 250 leads to call from this group.

Would you call the rest of them if you knew you might only find 3-4 good people like those we connected with above? By good I mean: very strong values that are similar to ours, where the product we’re offering represents those values. Plus both women spend money on things that matter to them.

This is only our first date, but we have high expectations because we’re all so well matched on values that matter and we’re all local.

My friend will be making the rest of those calls, and I’ll keep ya posted.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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Kim Klaver


  • I would. I would be prepared to make more calls with fewer results, if I knew I was using the right words. So that I wouldn't chase away the right ones, or worse, attract the wrong ones.


    PS I know I am learning to use the right words in your class right now.

  • Hi Kim,

    In order to duplicate this, one must get your training because they are not going to get it from the company or their upline (most likely). For the sake of clarity, I mean this sincerely, not disparagingly. I don't see your blog as self-serving, I see it as serving up alternatives that WORK to get people positive results:-)

    Many thanks,

  • Two really good ones out of sixty-two calls doesn't sound so bad. It's easy to forget that calling leads is "work", like fishing, in which you don't catch a big one every time you put your line in the water.

    So, what do you choose to focus on? All the ones that were "failures" or the two who were exactly what you were looking for? (Kim's "wrong shoes" analogy comes to mind…).

  • As one who is about to embark on a search for leads I was surprised by one discovery I made: some leads all you get are the phone number. Period. Full stop. How does one handle those?

    And do we really need to register with the telemarketing do not call dot gov agency? I understand there is a fee to have the list for each state and that can get incredibly expensive. My thinking (as a Canadian!) is that if a person put their name and phone number on a form then they want you to call.

  • Kim, I would very much like to know what she said when she made her calls, the script that you set up for her to expose her values without hype. It would be a big help if you could share it with us.

  • Hi Kim, i have taking your classes
    and is a well worth investment. Like every one is asking for the scrip you wrote for that cold contact list will be interesting to read.

  • Tom and Diamondrey,

    You asked for the script I sent my friend – I don't mind sharing, but it will do you about as much good as a surgeon giving you a scalpel and telling you where to make the incision, and then leave you alone to perform an operation you have never done before.

    The opening lines are part of a search mind-set for certain kinds of people, and money is not the focus. Second, what if they say yes? What will you say then? My friend knows because she's selling a value set, nothing more at this time. The product is just something that expresses those values.

    OK here's the email I sent her, and that's how she's beginning the calls.

    "Hi I'm looking for first name last name…is this the right number?/am I calling the right place?

    Why/what u want…

    Well I'm looking for someone with experience in network marketing – and the marketing company I got your name from says that's you, is that right?

    If they say Yes..

    "Great. What company did you do? You still doing it? (what happened…etc.)

    Anyway the reason I'm calling is –

    We're introducing [these little non drug pain patches into this area…I'm in NAME OF CITY], and I'm calling to see if you might know someone who could be a key player/an area boss  with us here.

    We've built here before and it's a strong alternative health minded population.  Do you know anyone like that?"

    That's the gist of what comes to me now – the talking points.

    That's what I sent her. She doesn't need more because we're all on the same page. The quality of just those two folks demonstrates that biz-op leads from the right places indeed have very good people. Especially if you don't lead with the money or yammer about getting rich or about how much some upline is making.

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