I’m 74 and was very financially successful…

Here’s the story of Mary Nolan, a gal who just won a full price ($879) Whole Enchilada tuition for the New School of Network Marketing starting
September 9.
“I am 74, and was very financially successful in my own business, an insurance agency. I hired only women as agents in the 70s and 80s, and sold insurance policies door-to-door in rural areas and in businesses and small towns.

I did three interviews back then with each prospective agent, weeding out along the way…

To close, I asked them to sell themselves to me (much as you, Kim, are doing here)…and to tell in 3 minutes on “why I should be the one you select” tooting their own horn…

Retired at 53 and traveled here and abroad and stuff like firewalking…

BUT now —

My check is getting much smaller after almost 23 years of people dying, economic troubles, etc. I NEVER want to be a social security survivor.

I began to look for a company and product I could believe in and which worked for me which I would be proud to tell people about. I’ve dabbled in NM for many years and never made much money but still loved it.

I really want do NW but a bit terrifying for me as I’m trying to build a really new arena. I KNOW a lot but have been afraid to just LEAP into the arena and possibly fail?

Afraid of rejection? Out of the habit of getting it…when I have always been sooo successful?

I procrastinate.

So…I am not DOING anything!

Just getting ready…and continuing to learn and taking no action or not much anyway, always looking for something I don’t have. I am a great student .. always have been …got some degrees which mean absolutely nothing unless I take ACTION.

The REAL reason I’m still in the NM business is…”

Continued tomorrow.

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Kim Klaver


  • Oh Kim. I am so very excited and can hardly wait for the big day of STARTING and getting to really participate in this fabulous New School of Network Marketing.
    This is so much needed!
    And is just what I need and I want it so very much.
    Many heartfelt thanks.
    Mary Nolan

  • Oh, I am so happy that my friend, Mary Nolan, won the Whole Enchilada Tuition!
    We are both so excited! She is such a fan of yours and so deserving. We both nearly fell off our chairs 1,000 miles apart and were screaming with joy at her win. It’s better than the lottery; because she will be learning to fish in network marketing. Give a woman a fish and she will eat for a day; teach her to fish and she will eat for a lifetime.
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Kim!

  • There are more announcements of winners coming pronto…thought I’d save some for Tuesday…hehehe.

    Thank you ladies for your comments. Very much appreciated…

  • Hey — I’m no lady — but I am a gentleman — and like Mary am a septuagenarian network marketer — but also like Mary — only a “dabbler”.

    I’ve been a Kim K. fan since way back in the — well — when was it — the late 80’s — or early 90’s?

    So Mary, congrats on your good fortune. I hope it pays off for you. Thos of us in this time of our lives need to find good ways to avoid the “Social Security Survivor” niche.

    Now, what’s the best way for us to work this niche, huh?

    Good luck and congratulations!

    Ron Rink

  • Ron–

    I’d suggest the best way to work that niche or any other is to ask for its members. You might consider an ad, for example:

    Calling all septuagenarians who do NOT want to be social security survivors….

    Then perhaps a little blurb about what you’re doing that has no techno babble, no hype and no promises.

    You’d of course test different copy and see what works best to find people like you – described above in the header I suggested.


    Let me know how that works if you decide to try it.

  • Mary,

    Our life circumstances are different, but I know how you feel. I was so moved by your story that I read it with tears in my eyes.

    I didn’t allow myself to enter Kim’s contest because I, also, was not DOING anything. I keep getting READY to take action, but I just cant seem to get going. I just keep on getting ready…getting ready…. getting ready…. Getting ready for what? More frustration? More rejection? More mediocre results?

    So here I am, a 60 year old, divorced, grandmother, who cannot afford to retire, EVER!!! Unless, of course, I do something to create another source of income for myself.

    I’d like to finish this post by saying something uplifting, and positive. That I am ready to go. But I’m just not there yet.

    I have decided to start, by telling the truth.

    Maria Dillhunt

  • It is amazing how many folks are touched by your story, Mary, because at whatever age, they’re just where you are.

    Very different than the big loud stories one hears from the front of the stage.

  • Thanks, Kim — that is excellent advice. I can see a nice local newspaper ad — depending on the cost.

    Also, after reading your response, I plan today to see what forums I might join that would attract the folks in this niche.

    Good tips …

    Ron Rink

  • Maria…
    The TRUTH is where we must ALL start.. and I feel that you are on your way
    We must JUMP into the arena no matter the fear and it s not being PERFECT and we aren t ready etc…. Someone said. dont remember who….
    “I dont have to get it RIGHT. I just have to get it goin'”
    Thats what I did when I KNEW I had to enter Kims contest and tell the TRUTH….. as you have done!
    Thank you
    Mary Nolan

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