I’m looking for effective "Pique" phrases…


That’s what the ACN gal’s email said today:

“I’m looking for effective ‘pique’ phrases to pique the person to attend a one-on-one, or evening events.”

Pique=arouse, as in, arouse someone’s interest.

Here’s what I told the gal.

What piques YOUR interest about this business? Why did YOU decide to do it?

1. You’ve always been a closet entrepreneur and this was your chance to come out?

2. You’ve always wanted something you could get behind, something you could believe it, and this was it?

3. You’ve always wanted to build an empire, or you’ve always dreamed of being filthy stinking rich, and you thought this was a way to do that?

4. You’ve always wanted a way to earn AOL or cable TV-like regular monthly income and this was it?


Bottom line: To come up with those special “how can I attract them” phrases, always ask yourself first:

What turned ME on to this? Why did I choose to do this, versus something else I might have done?

Lead with THAT.

First, you’ll be authentic and genuine. Second, there are many like you out there, your community, people who have been looking for the same things you were.

Many folks are seeking something (including people) to believe in, something they can get behind, something to help them make a difference in this world.

What will keep someone in the business longer: the need to make money, or the need for something to believe in, something to get behind?

So look inside, not outside, for those “pique” phrases. Trust yourself. Someone else just like you is waiting for you.


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  • Just don’t use phrases like “there will be many successful people there like doctors,lawyers” it downgrades the prospect’s stature unless they are in one of those professions.I remember hearing people say things to get people to meetings that completely misled them. Don’t mislead anyone. That is part of the reason MLM gets a bad rap.

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