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Thursday is New School-Old School day here. Ta da…
Today’s focus:
New School – niche marketing vs. Old School – mass marketing.

blob Marketers who want to survive can’t treat the the American people as though they’re one big homogenous blob anymore, says The Long Tail, a new best selling book on marketing.

Mass marketers read: Everyone does NOT want to buy your thing. Stop screaming already.

“We are now a nation of niches. There are still blockbuster movies, hit TV shows, and top-selling CDs, but fewer events that capture the communical pop culture spirit. The action is elsewhere, with the country watching cable shows or reading blogs that play to a specific audience.” L.A Times, quoted in book.

Mass marketing is out. Niche marketing is in. Who wants to be treated like a mass, anyway?
The Long Tail‘s premise is the best news I’ve heard for network marketers in all the 17 years I have been involved with this industry.

Long tail marketing is ideal for network marketers who use and love their products and have an authentic story to tell. Because their story describes a niche market that they belong to.

Network marketing is a natural way to apply the long tail marketing theory. Here’s why:

1) Most networkers use products in their company’s line.
2) Many networkers sell a product or service that has changed their lives.
3) A network marketing rep can focus their marketing efforts on a tiny niche, without waiting on their company. They can do niche marketing while their company continues mass marketing.
4) Network marketers have honed the skill of word-of-mouth marketing, the ideal engine for niche marketing.

This gives us good reason for great optimism: Our natural assets are in vogue.

Part two: How to polish up our story telling strategies for niche markets.

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