Indestructibly seductive at 79…

Eartha Kitt, 79, 2006

“Shakira, eat your heart out,” said Eartha Kitt, as she shimmied discreetly in a sleek black gown and executed a partial back bend at the Café Carlyle on Wednesday evening, while performing a traditional Turkish song.

Indestructibly seductive at 79, this greatest and wittiest of all singing tigresses has lasted even longer on the stage than the original glamorous grandmother, Marlene Dietrich. Stacked up beside Ms. Kitt’s archetypal gold digger, the material girl herself, Madonna, comes across as a loud, pushy pretender to a jungle throne carpeted in mink and crusted with diamonds.”

So says the New York Times in it’s delightful piece, Fabled Feline Charms, in Fine Working Order

And yes, Here’s the PDF in case the NYTimes original disappears.

And you thought YOU were getting too old to do something you love?

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  • Just received today –

    “Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.”

    Ella Fitzgerald
    1917-1996, Jazz Singer

    Passion can’t be taught, nor dictated.

  • I’m totally impressed with the top earner at NuSkin/Pharmanex. The guy is making a bazillion dollars a month and is still hopping around the world netork marketing full time. It is very obvious he enjoys what he’s doing!

    — Walter from Appleton, WI

  • As a 48 year old African-American woman, can I tell you that she’s now been added to my list of women that I want to be just like when I grow up! Wow!! The lessons here are many. Love and passion for what you do. Mastery of your craft. Being able to laugh at yourself. Taking care of yourself (being able to do a partial back bend at 79?)…. I’m totally impressed! Finally, NOT allowing society to define you. Thanks for posting this!

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