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“Know When To Quit”

What do we do when we need extra inspiration when the
world seems to be telling us to give up? From Fast Company
(Ladies, the language is a bit “boy-oriented”).

    1. Reconnect with “why.” Go back to your original vision
      and imagine having achieved your goal. Great warriors imagine
      victory and top athletes imagine winning before stepping onto the field, so why not you?


  • Know when to quit. We are taught from a young age to
    “never give up,” or in the words of Winston Churchill, “Never, never, never, never give up.”
    But great strategists know that great strategies are about making decisions. Look
    at everything on your plate and decide which things are honestly
    not worth the effort. This is not about deciding to quit your project but to pinpoint
    which parts of your project will give you the biggest bang for your effort.



  • Measure your runway. Do the math to figure out how much
    time you honestly have to get through the dip. Look at your cash, how much longer
    your partner will put up with your late nights, how much energy you really have.
    Calculate how many days, weeks, or months you want to give yourself.



  • Get tactical. Categorize your priorities into four buckets:
    wastes of time, tactics, winning moves, and crazy ideas. The winning moves tend to be
    the opportunities that will pay off in the long term. Since right now you are focused on
    pushing through today, it’s time to focus on the tactics. You are looking to advance
    in inches, not miles, so just do the work. Stop asking why (that’s step one) or whether
    (step two). Pick up the phone, write that
    proposal, or in my case, write this blog. More here


Last, I’d add:  Love what you are doing.  Is there something
your business that makes you totally excited to get up
each day and do it?

MLM success is a long haul (3-5 years just to learn how to do it well),
Without a big passion for some part of it, you’ll quit.  Because, as
Steve Jobs said, all sane people quit something when the hardships and hassles are
not worth it
. Loving it helps ensure you will persevere.

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  • Following these suggestions will make a difference in anyone’s networking business. I know there are several activities that I do are actually wasting my time. Knowing when to quit unproductive tasks will free up more time for me to envision winning the race like Paul wrote about in 1 Corinthians 9:24.

    I agree that it takes several years to properly learn how to do the network marketing business. Everyone is a network marketer because we all share products, services and service providers that give us a good value. I propose that we should get paid for being a networker. I will never again be an employee.

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