Ladies: T or F? "To succeed, you should be more like men."

Let’s face it: The message is that to succeed, you should be more like men.

“That’s wrong,” says Robin Wolaner in her book, Naked in the Boardroom.

“The lessons I learned in business all point to one broad truth: Success follows when you use what you’ve got. You will succeed because of, not in spite of, your personal traits. The trick is to make your aptitude and flair work for you in a style that is uniquely yours.”

You’ve got what it takes. You know your strengths. Take inventory and use them.

Yes, reBEL. Just say NO to doing what you don’t like and develop what you DO like. You must love whatever you do in order to do the deliberate practice it takes to get good at it.


Thanks, Tom.

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Kim Klaver


  • Ha! That’s funny. I’m trying to be successful at network marketing by becoming more like women! 🙂

    I WANT lots of customers!! I WANT to be an expert in the product. And I’m in no hurry to recruit . . . but that comes naturally when I speak highly about the products.

    I’m happy to be in a company that sells more product to customers than to distributors.

    — Walter from Appleton, WI
    NuSkin / Pharmanex

  • I cannot agree more to the “naked truth” principles.

    Aligning your true self with your words and actions is a sure recipe for effective communication with others and ultimately brings you happiness. No matter what your are trying to achieve; building a business, a team or raising a child.

    As I have “re-learned’ from my 4 year old boy, you must trust your emotions more than what it is said to you. Your brain gets those non-verbal signals faster and more effectivelly than he can process what you are saying.

    Thanks Kim for reminding us those basics


  • Walter —

    You’re an evolved male, that’s the reason yuo want all that stuff.

    AOL has 30 million customers, so they’re evolved guys, too. Hehe.

    Thanks too, Ann…


  • Maybe it’s just my own personal recent epiphany. But increasingly, it really is about listening to your gut, being true to yourself, and being authentic, in every sense of the word…

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