Lulu’s pickle: What would you do?

Lulu was describing her ideal customer for her weight loss shake:

45 year-old Minnie, who wants to lose weight, and doesn’t have time to exercise or prepare nutritious, healthful meals. 

Someone asked, “Are all the ingredients healthful, with no toxins or bad chemicals?”

“Well,” said Lulu, “there are some rumors…” and her voice trailed off.

“If someone were to go online and research every ingredient in your shake, would they find any that might be detrimental to health?  Like food coloring, or artificial sweeteners, etc.?” (Reported by independent studies from universities or health organizations, not from competing companies.) 

“Yes, there would be,” she said.

“Well, you’ll be called out on that if you ask for people who want nutritious healthful meals. They’ll search online.  Because they care about that. At the demo, they’ll examine your shake ingredients and ask, “Why there is this or that unhealthy ingredient in the shakes?” 

In front of everyone there. Ouch!

What can Lulu do to avoid that unpleasant situation?

Her epiphany:
“I won’t ask for those people.”

Amen sista.  Now, her ideal customer description will be:

45 year-old Minnie, who want to lose weight fast, and doesn’t have time to exercise. or prepare nutritious, healthful meals. 

By not asking for health-conscious people, most will not check into her shake’s ingredients online.  Many people who want to lose weight – most actually – don’t think about the healthfulness of their diet (like the dieters who do diet drinks, coffee and water every other day…). So now, her market is actually bigger.

Of course she might add some other criteria, like someone who lives in a certain town, etc.

But with this breakthrough – not asking for the wrong person – she will reduce the likelihood of having the wrong folks show up for her demo, and save herself some embarrassment and possibly, lost sales.

How are you asking for your ideal customer?  Do you need to add criteria or remove something?

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