Maybe I’m not really a “network marketer”…

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Here’s why I’m thinking that…

Should everything you do, every strategy you (or your company/upline/guru) come up with, “duplicate” and be doable (with results of course) by others?

That is, does a social media strategy you come up with – or a “how to talk to your friends” strategy you come up with, or that someone else comes up with – have to work for everyone in your organization? (That’s willing to learn it)

Can strategies duplicate across people? That is – can they be done by everyone in your group and get the results people hope for?

I have personally NEVER believed this. Never once in 26 years.

But this “Duplication” idea been a core concept in this industry.

I don’t believe in it.

People are different, they have different experiences and there is no way, except in an empty and artificial sense, that someone else can do what you do and get similar results.

Say you talk to ten people you know. And I talk to ten people I know.
And we use the EXACT SAME WORDS and offer the EXACT same opportunity, same company.
Do you think we’d get the same results? Would you get people signing up the same as I might?
Even though we say exactly the same words- including intonation?

Or do the results depend on who YOU are, who you know, your skills, and who you come into contact with, your background, THEIR background, etc?

So what does it mean to focus on coming up with strategies that “everyone can do” when the results will never be the same for different people because WE are different?

Am I missing something here?

From my 27 years of building, teaching, building, teaching and building again, I have never seen that to be even REMOTELY true.

Sure everyone can “talk to people” (and even THAT is impossible for many NMers) but even if they do, they sure don’t get the same results.

It’s not the strategies that need to be “duplicatable” it’s the people.

How can we ever do THAT?

We are NOT xerox copies of each other. We have different experiences, styles, and personal development.

And as long as we all bring different talents and backgrounds to the table, looking for strategies everyone can do and get results is, to me, just a wild goose chase. Worse, it is VERY discouraging for the countless people who came in with NO business, sales or marketing experience, who believed it.

And discovered it was not so.

And blamed themselves. Wrongfully.

So let me know if I’m not qualified to be a network marketer. I’ll live, and build regardless. 🙂 Maybe I’ll just be a marketer. Hehehe.

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