MLM Do Not Contact Registry starting…

mlmdonotcallThere’s a new National MLM Do Not Contact Registry, reports Ty Tribble. Description of the service:

“The MLM Do Not Contact Registry™ was established to let multi-level marketing companies know that you do not wish to be contacted, tricked, conned, bamboozled, etc. by their representative (even if they are a relative, friend, or co-worker).

After you register for FREE!, your name will be sent to all the major MLM companies letting them know you no longer wish to be contacted about their amazing “business opportunity.” More here…

Although this was set up to market a new movie called Believe, the registry has taken on a life of its own, say the creators.

For anyone promoting “their amazing business opportunity,” this registry spells big trouble.

Those of you who are building a customer base for a product or service – not to worry. Remember though – let customers be customers and don’t push the business onto them.

Could this be a wake-up call for network marketers who think recruiting is all there is?

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Kim Klaver


  • Hey Kim,

    I have been telling EVERYONE that going for customers is the way to go. I have run into so many who believe that recruiting is the ONLY way to go…that is not true.

    I, of course, don’t want something like this to happen…but we NEED to open our eyes to what is happening.

    Matthew Adams

  • Matthew:

    Some recruiters have said that my way, customers and people who find customers, is the slow way to go, and they advise their people to recruit instead.

    But recruiting, though it gives more money for that initial order, is ONE time money. Customers on the other hand, can order again and again for years and years.

    The front-loading recruiting model gives the illusion of quick money – but most people can’t get more than one or two people to do it. Then it’s over. And the stuff sits in the garage. Front-loading upline have no idea how to teach anyone to sell it. Their garage is likely full, too.

    Garage qualified people is a big reason NM has the reputation it has, and selling this “amazing” business opportunity is the big reason behind this MLM Do Not Call Registry.

  • And Kim, I think that there is a “third way” here.

    I am one of those people who, in your phrase “was looking for a reputable company with products I could get behind”.

    AND – a payment plan which (among other things) did not permit, let alone promote, front end loading.

    It is the MLM business model which excites and ignites me – and for me, it is built one person at a time, by relationshipping with each new person and ensuring my business is a fit with them.

    Part of my model is using our companies products, which are competitively priced in the market place, and get results.

    And if my new person wants to retail, the company plan supports that, giving good margins on sales right from the very beginning.

    But the thrust for me is to find people who want to take care of themselves financially.

    These people are “customers of my business”, if you like.

    And I look for them in exactly the same way that retailers look for customers for their products.

  • Personally, I think it’s a GREAT thing to see a list like this pop up. Sounds crazy, I know, but here’s why.

    It makes separating the good 20% from the 80% who will never do anything anyway faster and easier. If people want to stay in their jobs for the rest of their lives and wallow in mediocrity, I say let them! I only need to find 6-10 good people with a solid work ethic to start to change the world.

    In addition to that, it separates the people who know how to ask the proper questions and develop a relationship (which should never trigger the “flashing the Do Not Contact card” in the first place) from the people who show up and puke all over their prospects and trigger those negative emotions from the very start.

    This business is simple – he or she who talks to the most people wins. It’s that simple. The more NO’s I can find quickly, the faster I can get to the YES’s and build my business.

    Which also means this list separates those who learn to become professional at MLM from those who don’t (or won’t) stick with it and put in the time necessary. It’s about reading books to learn to do better. It’s about attending seminars to learn how to ask better questions. It’s about studying the proper ways to do this from successful people who have gone before and paved a path to succes like you, Kim, and becoming proficient at what we do by following those paths.

    Every problem is nothing more than an opportunity in work clothes. I see this as an apportunity to skip the whiners and find the workers. I hope others do too.

  • Shelagh – yes I agree. 🙂 There are people who want a business like this, like I was.
    You are there to provide it…


    Yes that’s one way to look at it for sure. But I suspect if this list is more than just a movie thing taking hold, there would be people on the list, AND more important, people who will just say NO because they’ve heard all the gory stories.

    Why lose good people because of a few bad and loud eggs? Let’s change so we don’t lose good people unnecessarily. Think?

  • Nice! I love it…they’re even selling a MLM Do Not Contact Kit for $24.99. No wait… with an unbelieveable discount of only $19.99!

    Thanks to wonderful leaders like Kim Klaver and Tim Sales for bringing professionalism to this industry and making it enjoyable. We can’t appreciate enough of what they do and help us to do. Thanks again!

  • Thank goodness for this. I’ve been pelted with complaints by my forum members about how MLM is not professional… in fact, the same problem is starting to affect internet marketing expert opinion about whether online marketing methods should also be handled by a registry this way,

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