More fun – Comcast fell asleep on his couch waiting for, uh, Comcast.


Last week, while all Comcast service reps “were conducting customer satisfaction surveys,” the reps in the field couldn’t get through to activate customers needing Comcast cable service.

Thanks, Ben & Jackie.

1. Here’s the video of a Comcast rep who fell asleep on the customer’s couch, after waiting 90 minutes for Comcast to answer his call to hook up the customer.


2. Here’s the original blog post with the story and video.

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  • This isn’t needlessly arrogant (or maybe it is) – either way, I’m just trying to make a valid point: go out and get better. Or, using the web… stay in and get better. Apple’s Jobs nails it with:

    Ultimately it comes down to taste… expose yourself to the best things that humans have done and then try to bring those things into what you’re doing.

    When I read the >Thanks, Ben & Jackie.< line, I smiled - knowing instantly to whom K refers. Sadly, I’ll bet most readers didn’t. And, more sadly, probably didn’t even bother to click the link to explore and discover. Entirely snootily, I know a lot of stuff. I come here to learn more. And I learn lots. Click those links the lady provides and you’ll find cool stuff. Dont, and you won’t.

  • This may or may not be a true story. You might check it out at or one of the other myth busting sites. Sad, if it is true, but illustrative of the largest problem in Corporate America, as well as in NM–customer service. I was in a Sam’s Club last weekend and went to a particular department to purchase something. No one was there, and a sign on the door said “Back in 15 minutes.” Several other customers were also waiting, including one who said he’d been there 25 minutes. I waited another 25 minutes until the two clerks ambled back in, sucking on straws in their soda pops and obviously just back from lunching together. There was no explanation, no apology, no nothing. All the clerk said to me was, “whatya want?” The blame for that falls not only on the clerk, but on her supervisors who have failed to properly train her. The same can be said for NM. Do we train our new recruits to properly speak to prospects and customers, or do we foist them off onto “customer service” in the hope that somebody in that office in East Bejeminy will answer the phone and actually deal with the problem? Sorry, but customer service is everybody’s business, from the Chairman and CEO right down to those of us in the trenches. So while this Comcast story may seem funny, it’s really tragic and another example of why our business community is so adrift. But let’s not get too cocky about it, because NM doesn’t do things any better. We need to clean up our house first before we can start criticizing others.

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