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“One of my favorite business stories is the tale of how J.C. Fargo, the president of American Express, became so annoyed trying to get cash while on an 1890 trip through Europe that he went home and invented the travelers cheque.”
Thanks, Nicholas.

J.C. Fargo had an interest in getting money abroad that was more than passing. He wanted to FIX it, for himself and perhaps others.

What has annoyed you in the network marketing business to the point that you have felt the uncontrollable urge to come up with something NEW or DIFFERENT from the status quo? I mean something different in method or verbiage from that dictated from the top, that’s most likely not working for you or anyone else long term?

Use the Comments below to tell us. We all know that the definition of insanity is doing the same old same old and expecting different results, yes? With the 95% drop out rate, it isn’t as though anyone really knows anything for sure now, is it?

So don’t be shy. It is those who PRACTICE doing the thing – the experimenters and tinkerers of network marketing who will lead the “how to” changes coming, not those pontificating from the top or from anywhere else.

Here’s one thing I did to change something I was doing in my business. This little ebook confessional is the basis of the work I do now.

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  • I believe it was Albert Einstein who said something to the effect of you can’t get different results if you don’t change your thinking. This applies to anything that you are going to apply yourself to.

  • I hope nobody feels offended by this. But a lot of the websites that are available for network marketers from their companies, because of their mostly American origine, have a very American feel/image. They use American photographs etc. This is not always a good thing.
    Now personally I have nothing against this, but I have decided to make a more European/local website in 6 different languages which I will make available to my organisation.

  • Way to go Tom for getting bugged, AND doing something about it. That’s what will show your commitment to the business and will keep your downline babies with you.

    Bring it on, readers! What bugged you, that you fixed yourself in this business? Or, what is bugging you now, that you will endeavor to make better yourself?

    After all, if we, the practitioners don’t do anything to make it better on the “front line” who can? Not likely someone pontificating from the top or from the sidelines, think?


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