Network Marketers: Become expert at handing out brochures?


How They Make MoneyBecome expert at handing out brochures?

In my second company – YEARS ago – I marketed a whole food daily supplement. We didn’t like the company brochure so we made our own – without naming the product or the company in the brochure.  “We” – we had a team meeting – about 15 of us – and everyone had input. The person who was the writer in group wrote it up, and I got it published and produced.

So the next step: Where to put these things? How to best use them for COLD market?

So we strategized…

WHO was likely to want this product? What other products or services like this were they already paying for? And what other professional types HAD customers who might like something like this?

So we found alternative medical people, from massage therapists, acupuncture offices, alternative MDs (we had yellow pages in those days and we’d look up physicians, and find those who had chelation, nutrition, or digestion or related terms in their ads…)

I probably went to 30 of those offices, with nothing but a purse of brochures.

I’d walk in and check it out – and if it felt good to me, I’d plunk down in the waiting area, look at the other magazines they had, and put two of our brochures out.

ONE half of one showing, and the other brochure I slid  underneath other mags.

That way, someone someone had to have their eye pulled to it to pick it up…which was the person we wanted. Someone drawn to it. And I figured as others came and went the one I’d put underneath would eventually float to the top and the right person might see it, pick it up and who knows…

Then I left the waiting room and went to the next place.

We got customers doing that…A bunch of us did that to see if we could really narrow down the likely buyers and where they might hang out – in a bunch. I’ve always tended to strategies where there are 20 likely prospects behind one door.

Why do I tell you this?

Because even a simple thing like “handing out brochures” – if thought about before you hand them out willy nilly – means more of the right people are likely to see it. Especially if they hang out or visit places that call to these folks in groups – like how we selected places to go to above.

Today I’d put such a brochure in a place like my dentist’s office, since he’s renowned for alternative dental procedures and everyone who goes is into alternative medical types of stuff, personal nutrition and personal responsibility for their health, energy and fitness. Or in this one restaurant in my town where the health nuts come – pricey as well. So we know the folks already have those values and spend their money on products representing those values (organic, gluten free, etc.)

The more you think about WHO already has the values they need to have – who’s already buying similarly valued products, services or programs, the more good a brochure might do. (Provided it’s not full of hype of course.)

Versus handing them out at 7-11 and running off and hoping…

PS This is for those who like using brochures. There are a zillion ways to get the word out, but if someone wants to use brochures as a strategy to interest cold but similarly inclined market, these are some ways to help you do it so you don’t totally waste your time and money.

If you have friends who do brochures and you found this helpful, share with them, OK?

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  • I’d like to get a copy of that actual brochure as I like giving out brochures and intend to do so with my involvement in a whole food supplement marketing business I intend to start with soon.

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