Novel way to get your self confidence back

This is from Maira Kalman’s uplifting and insightful illustrated story about her visit with U.S. Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Dress has always inspired confidence in people, but this is pretty unique. See image below.

Text above image:

“She (Justice Ginsburg) shows me her closet of robes and doily collars. Some of them come from a shop in Paris.”

Text below image:

“I think I could go to Paris, buy a robe and collar and wear it while I draw in my studio (think, edit, write, you-name-it in your space-KK.) It might give me self confidence. I could throw around phrases like PRIMA FACIE or CERTIORARI. Why not?”

Amen sister. Whatever it takes to get that self-confidence, I’m doing it. I thought I’d search online first…

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Kim Klaver


  • Thanks for the encouragement, Kim! Woohoo! Fine author! With such awesome women blazing the trail before us at truly great cost, how dare we women be anything BUT successful?

  • What an extraordinary honor it must have been. I am sure it was the highlight of Maira’s career to do this exclusive interview. Our thoughts are with the Justice as she continues her brave battle.
    Great piece to bring to our attention, thanks Kim.

  • Excellent article. Part of it reminds me of one of my friends. She was in the military and wore beautiful lace beneath her uniform to remember she was a woman at heart.

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