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Here are some of the reasons they told us they’re staying in…

KIM: “Why are you still doing the business if you’re not making money yet (less than $1-200/mo after 2-3 years):

1. Oh because I LOVE the product.

2. I believe in what I’m doing.

3. I get a kick out of helping someone get healthy.

4. I really like offering people a way to do something of their own, like I can do, even if it doesn’t pay a lot, it’s MINE and I love it.

5. I know I’m making a difference, and that feels wonderful.

6. I’m a cockeyed optimist

7. I might be really close to something big, who knows? I like what I do.

8. I come and go as I please.

9. It’s mine. All mine.


That doesn’t mean they’re volunteers. It means they have traded the order of priorities:


#1 Money, so I can pay the bills. (Most have done that for 20+ years)

#2 I know how to do it and I can do it just fine. So I’ll do it bec I need to pay for the things our family needs.


#1 Doing something I CARE about. Something that’s MINE.

#2 Making money doing it.

This reflects exactly the results of a recent survey by Yahoo! entitled, “Two-thirds of Americans have entrepreneurial aspirations…and here’s WHY.”

Story here.

The three major findings:

1. Money is NOT the primary motivation for these aspiring entrepreneurs — only 3 percent (half of the 6 percent in 2005) said getting rich was the main reason they wanted to start a business. #1 reason?

Doing work that they really love was the main reason for launching a business. (31%)

#2 most popular reason: “To be my own boss.” (22%))

Responses 1-9 above are exactly the reasons 2/3 of Americans today SAY THEY WANT A BUSINESS OF THEIR OWN.

So let’s change what we pitch so it matches what people are looking for today.

Dump the fixation on money, unless you are one of the 3% who seek that above all else.

Replace that goal with one more meaningful to you (if true) and to most of the rest of today’s aspiring middle aged entrepreneurs. Check the lists above for starters, and add your own if you don’t see YOUR reason and passion there.

You will then be more genuine and also you’ll be more matched up with 2/3 of America that’s looking for something of their own, who say they want something that they can LOVE first, and get money for, second. Isn’t that what the great majority is saying here?

Including our little sample of NM folks who are sticking because of THOSE reasons, instead of the promise of money?

Hugh’s got it right… “The market for something to believe in is infinite.”

Next: What was good about old school network marketing. After all, doesn’t every obit talk about was good about the old gal?

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  • From a 2004 report on Women Entrepreneurship in Britain:
    80% of the women entrepreneurs researched cited personal reward as being the most beneficial reason for owning their own business, while only an alarming 10% made reference to business being about revenue generation.
    Good to know it’s not just in the US. Great article by the way. Thank you.

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