"Oh I’m SO embarrassed!" she cried…


During a recent class, one gal, Trudy, said she got into the business thinking that this’d be a great way to make $10,000/mo. Afterall, she’d been a professional accountant for 20 years…why couldn’t she do this?

Only it wasn’t happening very fast, and she’d been at it for three years now, she said.

So we did a quick exercise…

“If your company pays you an average of 5% of all the money you bring into the company, (through product orders of your customers, recruits, and their customers and recruit orders), how much money (i.e. business, BV/PV) do you have to bring into your company each month, to earn $10,000/mo?”

Silence in the room. Then, a small voice…



“Ohmigawd! $200,000!”

Trudy had calculated it. She was mortified.

“I’ve been an accountant my entire career, and NEVER thought to figure this out,” she cried. “How could I have been so blind? How could I not have seen this before?! Oy vey, I’m SO embarrassed!”

All hung their heads in agreement.

Trudy had had amnesia. So dazzled was she by the big money being flashed in front of the room and the relentless pitching every week about how easy it was.

“But now,” announced Trudy, “I’m telling all my folks what it takes to make what they want, and we can go after it. Let’s see, with 100 customers…”

How many people’s backgrounds, experience, training, natural gifts and talents, and just plain common sense have been subconsciously put on a mental shelf, out of reach, when the money dazzlers are talking?

After all, didn’t those successful big promoters in front of the room say the big money was easy? And that cute one, well, he was just a waiter before, wasn’t he? So why bother with anything you knew before (except your list)?

Trudy’s brain heard that and obliged her. Anmesia set in and that was that.

Do you know a similar story?

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Kim Klaver


  • It’s oh so true… And there are thousands of offers coming on the web daily, promising the moon. But the truth is that it takes hard work. Kim, thanks so much for your realistic, optimistic approach to this business. Here’s hoping this becomes a real revolution.

  • Sometimes for a laugh I read the small biz postings on craigslist. Never anything about a product or what it did for the person posting … it’s always couched in screaming headlines and telling us how easy it is to make over 1K a week and some even stating one can make $500,000 a year – with little or no effort.

    I have a weird sense of humor, so I sometimes respond and ask if they would mind sending me a copy of their most recent bank statement – no one has ever responded to my request : o ).

    It’s not easy to make tons of money – but the concept of big bucks catches a lot of people – who then wind up disillusioned with network marketing – and blame the business model – not the person who misrepresented the real amount of work involved.

    We are all learning to be different than the above – we make errors along the way but judging from comments to Kim’s posts, we are learning from those errors.


  • I was told to get three, who would get three, who would get three…

    I got more than three, and only one ever stuck…and eventually dropped out…

    At least now (after your training) I don’t wonder why I’m not making $10,000/mth. …

  • When I joined Mentoring For Free my mentor asked me how many people I need on autoship to make $10,000/mo. We figured out that I would need OVER 3,000 people on autoship to make that kind of residual income. When I found out that in my new company I only need less than 400 people on autoship to make $10,000/mo, and we ran the figures, I was horrified that I had wasted so much time. Now I’m making a profit in less than 3 months working. It’s awful that with some companies you need that many people to make any money.

    A compensation plan should be set up to pay part time people because the majority of people in network marketing are PART TIME.


  • Good post Kim. This solidifies the simple fact that one must always retain good business sense…no matter how great or glittery the offer at hand.

    So do your homework before you join! Too many people get sold too easily…without first applying good business decisions.


  • Ok, let’s play fair. It is possible to make $10,000/mo. in this industry. Many do. Unfortunately, many distributors choose to focus on this “possiblity” to attract prospects instead of sharing with them all the hard work, determination and perseverance it will take to succeed and actually earn that kind of money.

    I personally like talking to people who are interested in making 10k a month. I know I was when I chose to work in this industry. But I pinch them first to remind them that networking is not a dream. It’s a real business with real demands. I tell them they’ve got a lot of work in front of them but that I’ll be there along the way to make sure they get the training they need to achieve their goals. As their sponsor, their success will be my success.

    As marketing executives, our job is to interest people in giving our product or service a try. “Intellectual distribution” as world reknown economist Paul Pilzer likes to call network marketing. Exchanging goods and services just by sharing something new you came across and how much you like it and what it’s doing for you. And then getting paid when people give it a try. How simple is that?

    Wealth by Design

  • It’s a shame that people make MLM look easy, or worse, are not honest about the income potential or comp plans.

    But MLM is unique in that if you are willing to work really hard for 5 or so years, you can have passive residual income for life. Not a salary that vanishes when you stop working.

    I never understood why this wasn’t an enticing enough carrot to dangle in front of prospects. I mean, their going to work their butt off for someone else for the next 5 years anyway….

  • I agree with all of the above posts. Kim – another key posting thanks again. Everytime I hear someone say “It’s easy!” I really question their view and comprehension of the situation.

    I have seen it present in all facets of business, but Networking seems to be a big scapegoat for it. In the music business they talk about the overnight success that took 10 years. Yes it does happen quickly for some – but far, far more often there was alot of time, sweat and stick-to-itiveness behind the successes.

    I have found that I have to feel good inside about what is coming out of my mouth or else it really doesn’t work for me. The potential for a large income IS important for me, so knowing the full potential of the marketing plan was good for me. If I’m going to invest some of my valuable time that has to be a factor. And I have seen my income double and caught a view of the exponential increase that is possible. But when it didn’t happen right away for and they had told me it was easy I felt like an idiot.

    The complexity of the comp plans is just plain rediculous (sp?). They are getting like the tax code. Kim, your system of explaining it simply in real numbers not PV or SV keeps it real.

    It was not easy for me (and I like sales! and we have 400 really really good products!) but I love what I do and it just keeps on growing. And that’s what I’m focusing on.

  • If it was not for Kim, I would be thinking that I am incapable of doing this kind of business. I know I am capable and it frustrates me when I speak at meetings held at my up up uplines home and I get ignored. The all do not like to here that I need some help. I have now backed off of getting anyone signed up right now because I got myself completely crazy. It was making me physically sick. I know the products are good it is just that I feel all alone. I like Kim’s technique and I will stick with it. I did sign my neighbor up but I am concerned that by me not going to these meetings anymore, will I lose this distributor. She has been going and I feel that they will cause the same frustration in her and she will quit. My biggest problem is finding the funds to advertise. Basically, now all I am doing is cold calling. I get mixed messages that this will not do it for me. I am depressed about it but I will not give up. I do not care how long it takes me. I have a full time job so this will just be icing on the cake. I am so glad everyone shares their difficulties. Thanks Kim.

  • I understand your feeling alone -John. Until I found Kim’s blogs, I was feeling like I was re-living the story of the Emporer’s New Clothes. Everyone was promoting how easy getting distributors and customers are… yet, after 1 1/2 years I have not found this to be the case. Perhaps the fact that I tell the truth about my experience has been a contributing factor, but I couldn’t speak otherwise. I was uplifted to hear that 5 years is not unreasonable to build a steady residual income. I really like the products and will continue using them and sharing them with others. Watching our company evolve in its awareness of the distributors’ needs and gives me hope that I will ultimately find success. Thanks to Kim for creating a place for us to gather and brainstorm…

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