On becoming a peacock

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“Only a peacock can feed on poison”

At the end of that post, I promised a sequel: On becoming a peacock. Here it is. It’s kinda long (peacocks don’t grow overnight, ya know) but there’s something special at the end for those who get there.

In the original peacock post, I used working leads as an example. If a peacock is an accomplished networker who knows how to work leads in a superior manner, they can feed on them to grow their business. I did that for years. I worked (called, sent cards, emailed) hundreds per day, thousands each week, and many thousands each month. So for my business, leads were the main course.

Lulu, a beginner with no business or working-leads experience, will probably quit in a few weeks if she’s made to buy and work leads. For her, leads are poison to her business.

Many networkers, especially women, tell me they dislike working leads. And some NM companies discourage cold market leads programs as well, because they know how poisonous it is to the health of their new recruits, plus leads cost money that could be going toward their products.

But Lulu wants to learn to work leads.

How does Lulu become a peacock?

1. She commits to become great at working leads. She knows good is not enough to succeed, so she commits to do whatever it takes until, to become great in this one area.

2. She narrows down her focus: it’s something very specific and very well defined. Read: she does not have the goal to become a great networker. Instead, her goal is to master one very narrow aspect of it, in this case, working leads (or any other reaching out method she has some affinity for).

3. Since she has the ultimate goal of becoming a peacock in this slice of life, she plans a minimum internship of 12 months to learn to work leads at all. (This can be a self-directed apprenticeship using Google search.) She commits to the process (like learning to play the piano), including learning:

  1. the good places to find leads, and how to create her own leads
  2. to talk with the prospects and discover who the “leads” really are – what kinds of people are behind that label ‘leads’, something she learns after having talked to at least 400-500 leads personally (from different leads providers)
  3. how to specify better matches for her program (e.g. she might go after burned out MLMers after learning the ropes, for example)
  4. how to create copy in her postcards, email and an online profile page that does not just describe her product, but the problem she solves. That creates (links and) interest from the right people, (not those who need hype and promises to move them)
  5. how to niche market and say “No” first to the non-members of her niche.

This is a start for Lulu’s road to peacock-hood in working leads. I’ve likely left out some things. Let me know via comments below.

I might plan a 5-session course on this topic. Interested?

Aspiring peacocks: Help available to become accomplished in steps 2 and 3 above.

1. For 2. There’s an 18 page crib-sheet with interactive customizable scripts I use and recommend today, plus a two day class on how to talk to leads like a human person – 3 CDs. It’s based on my own years of working and loving working leads. Play it in your car or while working out. (The Skeptical Market Recruiter Program, center bottom, and MP3 here, center, three down.)

2. For 3. I walk you through how to come up with exact language to draw the right kinds of people to your business – it’s the most recent 3-CD set in New School Course,
Recruiting Ad Copy. MP3 here, #16-18, lower right of page.
Of course once you know whose name you’re calling, you can use that copy for Google ads or for ads in the newspaper.
Play it in your car or while working out. 🙂

Fast acting bargain hunters: Save 25% on either or both of these programs. Good for 24 hours only. Ends Monday night at 4PM ET. Use this code: peacock

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  • Working leads is exactly what I’d love to learn how to do. I’ve tried before but always given up. I’ll order the suggested products right now. I would also like to learn how to “create” my own leads too. Do you have training for that?


  • Judy – good, and yes, I can offer a training on how to “create” your own leads.

    One way, of course, is to create a blog like I have here. That has a list attached, of whom I am happy you are one. There are other ways as well and I will ask readers here to report on other ways to do that.

    From the response so far, I think a “how to become a peacock working leads” course might be fun and well attended.

  • Kim,

    I am up for training on how to work leads. I have four on my desk to call today. I need to become better at talking to people in the new school fashion.

    Nancy Carlson

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