On language women hate…

Even though the business of direct sales and network marketing is made up of 80% women, the language used in front of the room and on websites, in autoresponder emails and everything else from corporate and upline is basically male.

Business as the art of war.

Language such as “We’re going to explode your downline” or “explode” or “ignite” your business. But men are the ones who explode things. Women don’t. We tend to be the ones to pick up the pieces. We might for example replace those words with “expand” or “grow.” Why continue to turn off the 80% majority?

The customer or prospective recruit as “target” to be overcome, somehow.

The constant focus on closing as fast as possible, and if women don’t know how, they they are told, “You bring them and we’ll close them,” as if the recruits are victims about to be done in. The whole idea in general that we “hunt” for targets leads to saying whatever is necessary to “get” the person. That is what leads to the dreadful hype and over-promise and under-deliver syndrome our business is so known for.

Women don’t like such high pressure and war-like tactics used on them, are embarassed by it when they bring friends to events. Of course they don’t want to do that themselves to their contacts.

Much better to be looking for “someone like me.” Think? Someone you can share ideas and have fun with?

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