One True Way to Get Lots of Traffic On the Web

First how NOT to get traffic. Gina’s right. This is the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) advice you will ever get.

“Search Engine Optimization is not a legitimate form of marketing. It should not be undertaken by people with brains or souls. If someone charges you for SEO, you have been conned. MORE here.

Here’s how he suggests you DO get traffic to your site – the right traffic. Here goes:


“Make something great. Tell people about it. Do it again.” Here’s how, he writes:

  • Make (or market-kk) something you believe in.
  • Make it beautiful, confident, and real (or your site about it if u didn’t create what u market – kk).
  • Sweat every detail. SEO Magnifier is a great site to learn more about writing captivating content.
  • If it’s not getting traffic, maybe it wasn’t good enough. Try again.
  • Tell people who give a shit – not strangers
  • Tell them why it matters to you
  • Find the places where your community congregates online and participate (it’s not mlm hangouts where everyone hysterically sells everyone else on their great deal.)
  • Connect with them like a person, not a corporation.
  • Engage.
  • Be real.

Bottom line: “It’ll take time. A lot of time. But it works. And it’s the only thing that does.” See here.

None of that is easy for someone who came into the business thinking MLM would be an easy way to make big money.

What would you do if you gave yourself a year to get your business off the ground doing these things? We could plan an entire seminar around these suggestions.

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Kim Klaver


  • Kim
    I agree wholeheartedly with you that if what you are saying isn't at least interesting or relevant why bother?

    however, without decent SEO
    No one(that you don't directly tell) will ever find what you are saying, much less selling.

    SEO is about telling machines how to tell humans what is on a page, and like it or not – we humans still use those pesky machines to tell us where to look.

    Don't take my word for it – just ask how many people you know used Google today

    check out my post called "Be unique or go home" here

  • Hi ArtCanHurtU

    You write: "however, without decent SEO No one(that you don't directly tell) will ever find what you are saying, much less selling."

    While I respect that you help folks with SEO, and from the link, your advice looks good, it is also true that people find stuff online without any SEO help.

    Searchers don't need SEO. They search just fine not even knowing what SEO is.

    My own site – this blog, was ranked on Google years ago, and I never did anything but write posts several times a week. I have never had anyone who does SEO or anything else like that, help me rank my site.

    Doesn't mean it couldn't help. My point, and the writer's, is that most people seek out SEO who do NOT have that great of a product and don't really know that much about it.

    So, he suggests, a person start there, with developing or marketing something they really love and that means something to them.

    START there, is his suggestion. Not with SEO. Have something you really care about and know about and can write about.

    You'll know the 'value proposition' then, you know?

    People will spread the word about stuff they love. Google got spread around through just other students at Stanford ten years ago. Yahoo wouldn't even list them (!)

    People loved it and passed on the word to each other. 🙂

  • When you create something you love, you're going to call it by name, right? So the webcrawler robots will find those key words and phrases and help people find those same things you love.

    SEO doesn't need to be a conscious marketing effort. But by talking about what you love you'll attract the same kinds of people, right?

  • The Internet is like the ocean. The ocean cares not whether you come and take a teaspoon of water, or a great big giant bucket.

    I believe you can get traffic to your site offline as well as online.

    I appreciate the link to I had never heard of this site before.


    Eat Well. Live Well.

  • SEO is like a dirty word to me. I've spend many hours following the advice of so-called gurus optimizing my websites. Now I don't give a hoot anymore. In the end, I found, it doesn't really matter.

    I've started writing blogs about my product/service and found that people find me with the weirdest search terms, some of which I couldn't even dream about optimizing my posts for.

    So again, why bother. Put your heart in it and people (who matter) will find you.

  • Maybe we should be paying someone to show us how to make money from all the traffic we generate.

    Guess that's a different topic – but I would be curious to know what the ratio is for sales – traffic to a site. I have sites that I have done SEO on that make money daily with very few visitors daily (25 visits) while I have sites that bring 800-1000 visits a day with no sales.

    Being online is very interesting and nothing is a one size fits all, even SEO.


  • I love this post!

    If you love what you do, write articles about your personal experience with it and put it on free article websites like

    I wrote an article and had 200 people read it in 2 months which lead to sales.

    One of my friends just wrote an article and it showed up on the second page of Google, now he gets lots of traffic.

    My articles work because they are personal and my stories are based on my experience, not theory.

  • Hi Kim,

    Great post. I am resonably confident that there are some honest tips regarding SEO that will help raise the rankings of a site quicker.

    When I read blogs like Powazek it illuminates the constant battle on the www between integrity and disception. I see no truce in sight.

    Once again, Kim and her New School brings great information to the students.

    Thank you.

    Wishing you Plenty To Live,

    Tom Doiron

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