Quentin Tarantino’s advice to aspiring movie makers and you

Quentin Tarantino’s advice for film makers and you…warning some profanity in vid.

In the movies too, everyone wants to be an already successful film maker, not really go to all the bother of learning how. Anyway.

About 2 minutes into this video, someone asks if newbies have a chance to make it big like those guys did – since there is so much more competition these days. Everyone has a camera. Everyone wants to be an indie film maker, blah blah blah.

One panelist agrees. But not QT: His attitude:

Who cares how many people are out there making films? That crappy stuff isn’t competition! You do this one thing and you’ll be able to go around the world with what you made…even if you are new.

Go ahead and watch it. What’s QT’s one-liner YOU walk away with? What’s that thing you gotta do to get what you want? And how does it apply to YOUR business?

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Kim Klaver


  • The video had several important tidbits of information which are of value.

    QT: Mistakes are part of the experience equation. Experience is one of the cheapest tools to experience personal growth. Over time the combination of one's mistakes coupled with experience will most like provide the answers we've always asked of ourselves and of others.

    QT: The marketplace is not saturated with greatness it is saturated with noise. Noise may distract you. The amount of noise in the marketplace does not determine your value to the marketplace. Ultimately, you determine your value by making a decision and a commitment to produce your best work. You honor such a decision and commitment. Most people end up creating noise instead of a commitment to achieving their best result. You can choose to create and be a part of the noise or your can make a decision and honor creating your best work. Let the noise-makers make noise but not you.

    QT's used the words "dynamite" and "nitro".

    One of the other panelist spoke of quitting. If you quit, quit. There are people who quit verbally but emotionally continue to hang-on.

    Interested to see what others walked away with from the short video. It was really difficult to hear QT's answer to the second question on this end despite replaying the clip several times.



  • Kim,

    I have already supplied an answer regarding how I feel after viewing the presentation. I did notice all of the panelists have a Frank Kern mannerism of dress and communication style. The dynamite does not appear in a first impression (clothes) but in the final product (movie).



  • What I heard that resonated with me most: Keep doing it – with your passion for it. Keep doing it and you'll become a filmaker (or a Network Marketer). And last, but not least, Learn to listen (and learn to say NO ).
    I'd almost put Listening furst, but Keep doing it with passion is even more important. Just DO it!
    Ann Carter

  • The crappy stuff isn't competition. If what you've created isn't any good, learn from it, make it better and blow everyone else away. You'll be the better for it.


  • 1. Never give up. 2. Find your nitro. I have been reading "if my product's so great, how come I can't sell it?" An excellent book that explains what your "nitro" is and how to articulate it so that it(nitro) will explode and take you wherever you want to go, doing what you love to do. Thanks for some excellent info!

  • Hi Kim,

    My favorite was learn to say no and mean it without backing up. To become remarkable at anything, including your passion, requires laser focus and the tenacity to back down anything that tries to adulterate that intense focus. Give up trying to be everybody's pal if you truly desire to be remarkable(nitro in someone's lap).

    Wishing You Plenty To Live,
    Tom Doiron

  • Thanks for participating, everyone.

    It's always good to see what peeps take away from the same little video.

    I realized I didn't tell you that QT is the guy in the black T, with the red letters on the front, sitting to the left of Rodriguez, the guy with the tan baseball cap.

    QT made his first breakout movie, 'Reservoir Dogs' in 1993 and it is a cult hit. Violence, (much spoofed) but just a very good and surprising story.

    What struck me was his response to 'lots of competition, etc." was – so what? MAKE A KICK-ASS movie. (Like Reservoir Dogs).

    In the end, something really really good will find a market. Even if there is lots of competition. Most movies are not that good. Most marketing is not kick-ass, you know?

    So we gotta get kick-ass good and all will be well, he says.

    Everyone: Thanks for participating. Everone did good. Hehehe.

    If you will email me here, I will send you the audio link for the AWESOME Sponsor.


    THANKS for playing.

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