The real shortcut to massive sales (and recruiting)…

The real shortcut to massive sales…

I have a shortcut. Yep…It’s this:

Your beliefs clearly expressed. And. Your common enemy, identified.

In your promos, show how what you market, from your coaching to
your network marketing or affiliate programs, reflects a certain belief set.

Beliefs that are an alternative to a prevailing status quo you do not believe in
– a common “enemy.”

Advertising tip…

When you learn how to expresses your beliefs through
what you market, people who don’t know you yet will hear/read
your beliefs and some will realize that they believe those
things too. So they will join or buy and
follow you to the ends of the earth.

When you add in that “common enemy” they also share, such folks
feel even more aligned with you.

Long terms sales and sales teams is really not about your
product or the science behind it. All that comes and goes.
Here today, gone tomorrow.

It’s about calling THEIR name, and expressing beliefs THEY
happen to share.  That’s how movements start.

Beliefs that some already have and want to express in their own lives.

If it’s clear that whatever you market is a means to expressing
certain beliefs and calling out that common “enemy”, you’ll
connect with them.

Because for them it’s about looking to live THEIR beliefs. 🙂

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