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  • Dear Kim –

    I believe the national average income for real estate agents who work real estate full time is about $50,000 per year. If a Realtor wanted to replace this income in one year, I believe she CAN, which is different from WILL. IF she or he does the correct activities consistently, is with a strong company with a good comp plan, and if she has an upline sponsor who will assist her, yes, it is possible, in my opinion. The key to point out to her is that her real estate income, no matter what it is, is completely transactional – she is “unemployed” every time she has a closing. The income she derives from her network marketing business, no matter what it is, is leveraged. That is the big hook. Leveraged and diversified.

    Vivian Greene

  • There is a big difference between “possible” and “probable.” I don’t know the % of people that replace their income in the first year but I bet it’s low. I think that 3 to 5 years is probably more common/realistic.

  • Because I had to choose yes or no, I voted yes. However, it depends and I would tell her that it depends. I would show her three different ways she could earn that amount, whatever the amount is. 1. With customers. 2. With customers and personally sponsored Representatives. 3. With customers, personally sponsored Representatives, and Representatives who also personally sponsor. Then I would tell her that to find each customer or personally sponsored Representative, she will need to contact 100 different individuals. Is that fair?

  • I voted yes only because it is possible to replace ones income in one year depending on at least two criteria. How the compensation plan of any particular company works and how much (or little!) one is currently earning now. I think the focus would most likely be on retailing rather than downline income to be able to replace a healthy income in ones first year.


  • I would tell her it is possible, but I would not promise her anything.

    There are many variables that must be considered and who knows if everything will fall in line for her.

    I would tell her how much she can make per person, how many people she needs and let her decide if this is a reasonable goal for her.

    Brenda Bunney

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