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  • Hi Kim
    I would wonder just how that subject came up so early in the conversation?
    Did she bring it up or did he?
    Sometimes, I believe some big networkers want to sign up with someone high up the ladder.This doesnt seem quite fair to the little guy who maybe is just starting and DID run the ad.
    And maybe something turned her off about him and his presentation or something?
    I know this can be a problem sometimes.

  • Hi Mary – the gal wrote what I posted, so I don’t know how soon it came up. Many people act either pushy or desperate on the phone when someone responds to their ad, and that fact might have made her look for others in the company.

  • I shuddered when I read that comment.

    At first reaction it was “Boy, is he pushy. I don’t want to work with him.” Then came the thoughts “Boy, he is desperate to build his business.” (sound familiar?) Also words like ‘arrogant’ ‘superficial’ came to mind.

    If the ad was placed by a newbie that person received bad training if, indeed, he was open to training.

    While we who spend the money on the ad want to keep the contact that isn’t reality. And to lie and say they have to makes me less want to work with that person. It all depends on how you talk with them on the phone, how you present yourself, that is how they will decide if they want to be with you.

    And this person in Kim’s example blew it, big time.

  • What the person sees/hears first is ME, whether it be an ad, brochure, personally, or whatever. If I don’t make that personal feel comfortable enough to want to know more FROM ME, then I’ll never get the sale. If I don’t ask myself why, and do something to change ME, then I might do better somewhere where I
    don’t have to meet new people to make a living.

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