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  • No, buying a pot or a pan is a one time purchase that will benefit your cooking life in some way.

    Buying a business is a life changing endeaver that has the potential to change lives and increase income.

    However, it is a business and it takes hard work and dedication to make it run and be profitable. A new pan can be thrown in the dishwash when it gets dirty.

  • I agree. When buying a pot or pan, your goal is to cook something, nothing else. When buying a business, the reasons are endless and ever changing. I started (bought) my first business to be the big cheese, make all the big decisions, get all the credit when things went well and take all the blame when things didn’t. When I started my NWM business, I had different reasons, such as a product I could be excited about, the ability to plug into a system, a group of like minded people, earn a car, etc etc etc. I was really impressed by the values and culture of the company: the products were really secondary. I just wanted to be involved with these people in some way.
    All the life changing stuff, as cheryl said. I already know how to cook.

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