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  • Colombus sold the Queen on outfitting him for his voyage across the ocean – he hadn’t been there yet.

    The dream of landing on the moon was sold, bought, and marketed — and no one had done that yet.

    Dreams are what make humans unique.

    Dreams do not equal scams.

    Some Dreams really DO come true 🙂

    Pat Crosby


  • Of course it is. Network marketing would not exist as it does if we did not sell our dream before we attained it! That does not mean we have to be dishonest about what it takes to attain the dream.

  • Pat and Lvngirl:

    You can sell whatever you want, obviously. 🙂

    I for one don’t buy the financial dream pitch anymore from anyone, marketing anything, especially any “quick” or “exploding” or “how to get rich” promos. And I don’t buy the “Secrets they don’t want you to know” baloney, either.

    No matter what is pitched, or how, if the promised success requires, in the end, you making sales of your own, you have to be ready to invest a lot of time, determination and caring to be good enough at what you do so that others wil buy from you – and more than once.

    This is the part that’s missing in the MLM dream sellers’ pitches.

    Where have you seen the ad that offers the big money and on that same page, in equally big red type, what it will take to make that happen?

    It’s all tucked away in the fine print: “results not typical…blah blah blah.”

  • Absolutely! Sell the dream to motivate them to evaluate your opportunity, but don’t partner with some one that is not a fit
    for your system! Trial run them!

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