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  • Hi Kim….Someone has to tell the story, and if they get rich so be it.
    It is the simple law of supply and demand. People want to enrich their
    lives besides their pocketbooks. King
    Solomon of old is gone now but his
    advice in the Proverbs lives on and
    is still helping others today! We need people like you, Kim , who think
    and tell it like it is..and when we
    get or hear a good idea, dream or such, capture it and write it down.
    A few good words can inspire us and keep us positive. I once attended a
    live talk with Earl Nightingale and
    used to listen to his “our Changing World” on the radio driving home,
    and a lot of those gems of wisdom still are going around in my head.
    We all are going to spend the money
    anyways, so why not invest a percentage in yourself and life, to
    be better for your family and loved ones. It is the strangest secret. People like Jim Rohn, dont need the money, its just their mission and
    their passion to do what they are
    doing. Keep it up, Kim we all need
    to keep going to school!!….Harv
    from Canada.
    says, there is

  • Hi Kim: There is both good and bad information out there. You may have to spend thousands of dollars before you figure on the difference. I believe most people can improve but we are too lazy, and sometimes call it fear. I’m speaking from my own experience, only.

  • Kim,

    I don’t believe self-improvement is a con. While there may be some questionable material on the market as far as its quality, I believe the real problem lies with the buyer.

    Many people love the idea of self-improvement, yet they lack the willingness needed to aquire it. I hate to say that we have become a lazy society but that seems to be the case much of the time.

    Self-improvement materials are only as effective as you are willing to make them. Even a so-so program can have some effect if you are willing to follow it.

    Selling self-improvement is like selling groceries. If you make use of them, you will be nourished. But left on a shelf, the nourishment remains fruitless.

    Bonnie Ramsey

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