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  • Kim,
    Could you have been a little less blatant about the company this person is involved with. It gives us other, non-throwing up type consultants, a bad name (who happen to love those very same products but know better than to spill our guts). You have been very complimentary to Donna J….so although I agree with your message, I do not appreciate knowing who the company is that she consults for. I appreciate your message simply via the fact that I am a graduate of “If my products are so great”! but please make the examples more difficult to tell which company they are from.
    Kim Klaver fan and Arhat Interntional lover and consultant

  • Well, I think I’m on a roll here. I actually got a comment submitted a minute ago, and when I went to check on it I ended up here, reading a complaint about how “blatant” Kim was when describing the throwing up fiasco.

    Frankly, I think whoever that was should stop whining and take it on the chin.

    And use spell check.

  • To the anonymous Arhat consultant and fan:

    You know I’m a fan of your company, but how else will this ever change? I will email Donna and ask her to come onto this forum to denounce such methods…and to pass it on to her organization, which is the majority of the Arhats. Think?

    Remember, one person can ruin the image of all the Arhats, and we need to stop it. Think?

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