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  • The combination of questions do not make sense to me. First of all, if the company or upline sees the vision to update their training that is the ideal. But for the most part they are satisfied with the customers they get from the distributors who have signed up. They are fat and sassy.

    Secondly, how can a new recruit who has no marketing experience devise a new, more effective system than what is in place. They just know that the program is broke. Its not working for them.

    So… where does that leave us? With those who see the need to adjust to the new environment and are willing to spend the time and money to try something different.

    For example, why not try to share your product with those who will enjoy them. That’s a novel thought. These enthusiasts will be happy to tell their friends about their passion. Now, if they don’t try to convert their friends by the 2 hour presentation of how good this company is and they are willing to share what they enjoy, other like-minded souls will join them and before long there will be a large group who will have developed a “downline.” They will even make some money or even become rich.

    So, the person who is responsible to use better approaches and to use new methods of training are those who see the “light” and are willing to try something new, regardless of their position in the system.

  • It is very idealistic to think that companies will train their reps to be reliable, intelligent, educated consumer-oriented reps.

    Unfortunately, way too many companies are in the game just for the fast kill of some quick bucks from the naive and unsuspecting – and often desperate – new signups.

    Some quick fast start money is all the super money-hogging gang is after.

    Once they have your start up fee, it’s “dump you” time.

    And they do.

    Reps beware! See where the money is flowing if you want to know how this awful game is played. Do NOT get swayed by all the slick PR & slimy ads promising you the impossible.

    Do your homework. Use google search to search the name of the company, the principals, the upline. Put in words like “scam”, “fraud”, “complaints” next to the above names.

    The naive, hopeful, and innocent fantasy-seeking newbiew will – and do – get scammed. Every day.

    Oh yeah, check what your ACTUAL commission payout might be IF you ever sell any products and IF you qualify for all the hyped-up bonuses.

    Those in the industry working to be ethical professional network marketers are in the minority at this time.

    Pat Crosby

  • I’ve come to the sad conclusion that success in NWM is all about “who you know”. If you are lucky enough to be recruited by someone who cares enough about your success to keep you informed, motivate you to training and give you a shoulder to cry on when it’s bad and an atta boy when it’s good, you will more than likely, succeed.
    Unfortunately most people aren’t recruited by this type of person. The more product you buy in the beginning the more interest you’ll garner from your upline. If however, you’re like some of us: a little slow out of the gate, have questions, or run into issues, you might as well call the FBI because your upline will go into witness protection. Why shouldn’t they? There are some people out there who can make you a fortune without all the coaching, the whining and the hands up. Isn’t it better to keep recruiting and burn through leads until you find them?
    Not my strategy, but I’ve seen it across more than one company. And yes, I’m a little disturbed by the results of these attitudes.

  • “Who You Know” will most apply if the Big Who is at the top of the commission feed chain… and needs your volume points to qualify for their big feed.

    Especially if it is a breakaway plan. IF you start to get TOO successful, Mr/Ms Big WHO may decide it is in their best interests to sabotage your success…. so they can continue to get the big feed, and not you.

    Yep, it happened to me. My upline Mr Big Feed began surreptiously removing my downline through all kinds of illegal and immoral maneuvers. The company looked the other way.

    What does that tell you about their public statements that they are an “ethical company” on a big mission to improve health.

    Financial Health counts, too, Ladies and GentleReps. After all, that is why MOST of us get into this business.

    It is important to align with an excellent company with good products, a comp plan that rewards generously the part-timers (85% of the reps?),
    has good and fair-priced products, company owners and managers of outstanding fair, legal, and moral behavior and track record. And a level playing field with no secret back-room special positions and favors to a select few.

    ALL good networkers should check out the http://MLMWatchdog.com site regularly… for your own protection from being gullible and hopeful.

    To YOUR Success – NOT some company’s. Or upline dogs.

    Pat Crosby

  • My business is my business and so I am responsible for the training of my team. Sometimes I can do the training. Sometimes I have to find out where the training is available and it’s my responsibility to evaluate the training and pass along the information and my recommendation.

    I prefer to remain less cynical than many I talk with about this issue and remember that people are usually doing their best with the information and experience they have. Upline mentors are really familiar with what worked for them–and most are completely out of their element with “new school” marketing, internet marketing, viral marketing, attraction marketing….

    Kate at Simply-Home-Business.com

  • My opinion is that the top 3 upline team leaders should offer continuous training and up to date resources to help their downline build their business. The wonderful thing about network marketing is by helping others you also help your own business at the same time and when done right there are many success stories and testimonials. When you have quality team leaders, success will happen and your organization will grow ten fold and I’m a testimony to that success.

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