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  • I probably would not buy from Julie because I would not trust her supplement that just whipped up without any kind of science behind it. What does it do for her? Where is her product story?
    I personally don’t like supplements that are not in liquid form as they are not as bioavailable and don’t get absorbed into your body as liquid supplements (and not all liquid supplements).

    Nutrition is very important to me and I know what I would try and what I would avoid. I would try a supplement if I liked the person and if they had a story that I could relate to and If they were giving out free samples.

    That’s my take…..

  • Nutrition is a vital issue for me, which is why my supplements are glyconutrients. For me to even consider Dr. Julie’s “vitamins,” I would need to know if they are made with GMP, what the sources are (food vs. chemicals)and would want to know the science behind her formula. This is not to say it isn’t necessarily good, just that I don’t know enough about it.

  • I would try them because she is obviously very conscious of specific nutritional needs such as digestion. Who knows? Maybe it would be the one thing that would work best for me! Of course, I would first want to read the nutritional information regarding the specific ingredients, etc.

  • While I would want more information about the manufacturing process and source of the product, I have no qualms about raw milk products. I was raised on farms and we hand milked our cows and sold the unpasturized milk to several neighbors and friends. So did many of our contemporaries. No problems arose whatsoever for any of us. On the contrary…we were very healthy, strong children who rarely missed school because of illness. In fact, I remember one old couple telling us of improvements in their general health, which they had attributed to drinking raw milk again.

    I had to laugh when we recently received an alert from the FDA (at my nutrition related job) warning of the dangers of ingesting raw milk. I understand that there are many folks who probably ought not to take extra chances, but the general populace is eating too much dead food. We deal with several clients who have “lactose intolerance”. No surprise, when pasturization kills lactase, the enzyme inherent in raw milk that helps to digest lactose in the first place.

    If the FDA was truly concerned with the health of Americans, there wouldn’t be such a fervor to shut down people’s rights to use supplements, herbs, tinctures, and other such, as the agency puts it, “untested drugs”. Goodness knows, so called “safe drugs” are plenty dangerous for many people…..but they make the big corporations more money, so they’re “approved” by the FDA.

    I think that people are so manipulated by the media and the sheer overwhelm of information they come across every day that they forget to use their common sense. Our modern culture of institutionalized food production and antiseptic disconnect from the source of our food is fogging our perception of reality. Cultures of very healthy people over the span of centuries have survived amazingly well on live foods, including raw milk from several species of animals.

    All that said, I would have to feel very confident in the company manufacturing a raw milk product…. It is a bit different when you KNOW what your own animals are eating, that they’re healthy, and you take care of the milk processing yourself. However, I suspect that someone with the convictions of Dr. Julie would ensure such vigilant quality control procedures.

  • I get too nervous when people are obsessive – compulsive about anything.

    Hey, the human race has adapted and mutated for gazillions of millions of years. I think LAUGHTER and a GREAT ATTITUDE give our systems the ability to adapt to a lot of things.

    Pat Crosby


    Hey… don’t think I don’t believe in science and all the good stuff the previous commentors said….

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