Sears, Roebuck and Kmart: creating a business culture focused on selling?

That’s what the new chairman says he’s going to focus on with the company’s 500 top managers: learning how to sell. See if you notice any difference next month when you walk into Sears or Kmart…

But he also gave investors a public warning, which network marketing companies would do well to announce loudly from the front of the room to all their reps, new and incoming:

You “must be comfortable with ambiguity and with failure.”

Kudos, Mr. Chairman. Someone running a giant company is telling it like it is.

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Kim Klaver

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  • >’be comfortable with ambiguity and with failure.’

    What? Are you mad, woman? This is Network Marketing – where we’re trained to have it all buttoned-down…

    ‘A leader never exposes weakness and fear to their organization… share with them your little uncertainties and they’ll be so relieved that you’re human and they will also find another leader to follow.’ [NOT MY QUOTE]

    As for ‘telling it like it is’… do you realise what dangerous nonsense that is? ‘Telling the truth?’… preposterous!

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