Secret Behind Ranking and Cost of Google Ads

I’ve been learning how to build new customer bases by doing, among other things, PPC (Pay Per Click). That means, running ads on Google – the ones you see at the top and right side of your search result pages.

Here is perhaps the most enlightening explanation ever, BY GOOGLE’S chief economist (who looks like a friendly grandpa), of how you get ranked. AND why some ads rank at the top, EVEN THOUGH THEY pay less than those below them. Here’s the vid.

It all has to do with the words you use. Just like what we teach in the “If My Product’s St Great, How Come I Cant Sell It?” and the Customer Enchilada CD (and MP3) program. Top left and left four down.

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Kim Klaver


  • FINALLY! It has never made sense to me exactly how that worked. Sometimes it DID work for me, and sometimes not. Now I at least have the tools availalbe to try to get the best bang for my advertising dollar.

    Thanks SO MUCH for sharing!

  • Hmm, very interesting. I had been under the impression that you pay what your bid is. So basically, if I understand this correctly, if you have a more relevant add than your competitor you actually pay less? Pretty cool!

  • I’m glad you posted this, as I just signed up for adwords about 2 days ago and need as much info as I can about how to succeed in it.

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