Shall we follow Google?

googleGoogle has gone from being the #1 online search service to becoming a giant, wildly successful advertising company.

Who hasn’t seen the little “Ads by Gooogle” text ads on any website page?

What Google brought the online world that has made them so insanely popular: contextually relevant ads.

Translation: ads that go with stuff people are already interested in – e.g. what they are already reading about. Visiting a travel site? The little Google ads you’ll see offer luggage and other travel related fare.

Goodbye to ads we have no interest in. E.g. SUV ads on an environmental preservation site.

Google offers up ads on hundreds of millions of web pages, but only to the readers of THOSE specific pages, relevant to THAT specific content. Instead of putting the same product and service pitches on each web page. What a concept!

This is niche marketing – and Google has done it FOR the advertisers – who until Google, tried to pitch their stuff to everyone, like Ford Motor used to do.

Telemarketers pitched their stuff to the wrong people so often that the public rose up and asked the government to create the “Do Not Call Registry” – to get them to STOP calling us with stuff that wasn’t “contextually relevant” to – i.e. not relevant to us.

Shall we follow Google‘s lead and become relevant to others? We focus on asking around for someone like you, who might like to know about something that has helped your achy knees, without surgery or drugs…

Or you might ask around for someone who who might like to know about a business of their own that they can do from home, like what you’re doing…

Mass advertising is so over. Niche prospecting (for people like you) is what the world is responding to.

Shall we follow Google‘s lead?

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Kim Klaver


  • YES!
    With your direction, Kim.
    When I become linguistically talented enough, will express how muuuuuccch I appreciate what you’re doing for us Networkers these days: bringing your years of experience, education, research, Being, to support us in the New School – NMC – in our profession, today…
    We love you madly!

  • Yes.. I like it. as Carolyn said though…
    With your direction!
    I am getting soooooo much from your New School Class and making important changes in my thinking and business approaches.
    And Vicki is great on the scripts.
    I am so fortunate and grateful!

  • Yes, Google has done an outstanding job in their marketing and advertising campaigns. They continually provide what the searcher is actually looking for!

    And, as networkers, we can benefit from having the right message at the right time to the right target market. Google gives us a way to do just that in a BIG way!

    Talk about time savings! And, for pennies if done correctly!

    Go google!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer

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