So, we need to sell, he says.

Mr. Fogg notes that networkers, of which he is now one, need to sell stuff to make money.


Seems very strange that so many people are in network marketing who don’t realize they have to sell, don’t want to sell, or don’t like to sell.

What’s the story with that?

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Kim Klaver


  • A lot of recruiters advertise and tell people they don’t have to sell anything. People believe them. Then they can’t figure out why they aren’t making any money. If no sale occurs, you plain old just don’t get paid.

    Some also don’t realize they have to make a purchase themselves in order to get paid. Most companies will require you order every month in order to receive your commissions.

  • Yeah, where do you think people got that idea that they don’t have to sell anything?

    Because of headlines like this one which I saw on the Internet just this morning:

    “Make Millions $$$$. Do NOTHING!”

    Sorry for the all caps but that’s how the ad was.

    Ilka ;o)

  • Well … for starters isn’t that what the old school taught for so many years.

    Aren’t there still those MLM evangelists who still preach that “You don’t have to sell anything … just open your own store and have all your family and friends open their own stores and like magic you all will become millionairs?” Sooooo easy …

    Thank God for the “New School.”


  • Some so called experts teach that when you talk to people, you tell them they don’t have to sell.

    I always tell people “Here’s how it works – you sell products, you make money. You sponsor people – you make money.” People know right up front with me that they get paid very well to sell products.

    It’s not a bad word anymore. Once MY mindset changed, it was so easy.

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  • It’s the way many NM companies were (are) still promoting their business. Get rich quick, it’s easy….blah, blah, blah.

    I too thank Kim for the New School approach.

    Great post on your blog John.

  • The bottom line is, if product isn’t moving, people won’t get paid. So why ARE peole still being told that they don’t have to sell a thing? *sigh* when will old school go away?


  • The first network marketing company I was ever involved with, last year, only taught me how to recruit ‘business builders’ – I was never taught to find customers. We were also told to tell people that no, you didn’t have to sell. I never really felt comfortable with that company and left after a year…

    When I discovered Kim’s work it was a breath of fresh air in this industry. MLM companies would do so much better if they were honest with people and taught new distributors how to sell their products as well as the business. If you don’t find customers and sell the products, it would be like buying a MacDonalds franchise and only ever selling other franchises… That’s nuts!

    Of course networking marketing involves sales. Every business on the planet needs to sell stuff and generate revenue in order to stay in business, whether you are a large corporate or a self-employed consultant, plumber, hairdresser, whatever… It’s simple – no sales, no business, no future.

    I’m with Kim. Let’s be honest about MLM – it’s just like any other business, and YES, you do need to sell stuff. But there are different ways and means of doing that so you can be successful.


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