So what’s a pukey type, anyway?


Well, you know…the ones who infest pukeyville. They
“dump on an idea without knowing anything about it…”

Don’t let them make your decisions. They’ve plagued anyone with a new idea since the beginning of time.

Galileo complained about them in 1615 in a letter to the Grand Duchess Christina, after he had seen through his telescope that the earth was in fact NOT the center of the universe, as the religious wisdom of the day had it.

To help open minds not yet infected with the pukey types, he spoke up in defense of getting the facts before dumping on new ideas:

“I argue not against condemning Copernicus’ book, but against condemning it the way they suggest – that is without understanding it, weighing it, or so much as reading it.” p. 22. The Truth, What It Really Takes to Make It in Network Marketing (= giant cartoon book originally designed for TV).

You may recall that Copernicus suggested that the earth was NOT the center of the universe one hundred years earlier, and he was violently opposed. Here’s what this great man had written then to one of his sponsors, in near despair:

“…the scorn which I had to fear on account of the newness and absurdity of my opinion almost drove me to abandon a work already undertaken.” p. 22

So don’t let ’em get you down if you believe in what you’re doing and marketing. Even if they are well-intentioned.

And even if you are wrong a few times. YOU will be the one learning from the experience, no matter how it turns out. Get up and try again. And again. And again.

That’s what Einstein, Edison and Madonna did.

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