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Step #1 To Becoming Financially Without Want…

If you want to achieve that by building your own business, it’s this:

“1. Desire. If you don’t have the desire, you’re done
before you get started.” – Shawn Thomas

You MUST have a very strong and deep desire for it. Here’s how to tell if your desire is just fluff or down deep…

If you find – each day – that you’re not motivated to do anything much to build your business, you’ll know your desire
just isn’t not enough.

Motivation comes directly from your desire.

Lack of motivation just means your desire is not strong enough.

I mean, given the other things in your life. It’s all relative.

When you WANT something (desire), like a pizza, you
just DO it. Pick up the phone and order it. Right?

So first thing – to become a zillionaire in your business – check out your level of desire. No, not a wish. Not a day dream. Not, “Oh wouldn’t it be nice if, but…”

Who’s got a desire to build their business that is SO big and deep, that you’d actually DO something – EACH DAY – for the next 365 days – to make something happen?

And be accountable?

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