"Success Motivation – Dont Lie to Yourself"

That’s the title of a recent post by the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, who made his fortune as an Internet entrepreneur (he sold his company to a few years ago).

He bought the Maverick basketball team with a chunk of his payoff, and in this post he tells of the time when the General Manager of the team told him, “The worst evaluator of talent is a player trying to evaluate himself.”

He adds, “The same applies to business people and particularly to entrepreneurs and want to be entrepreneurs.”

“We want to believe that if we try hard enough, work long enough, and get a little lucky, that the sky is the limit. The problem is that we let our confidence cloud our judgements of what we truly know about ourselves.”

He tells his own story about where he wasn’t very good, like being organized, and that he made finally made progress by focusing on what he WAS good at, and finding someone to partner with who was good at the other things that needed being good at, also, like being organized.

In our business, it’s the same, but also different. Some people come expecting it to be easy, because of the way the business was pitched. So of course when it’s not as easy as they hoped, they quit. Or they don’t enjoy doing what it takes to get customers and reps. Whatever.

But others really do work at it, but are still unable to build a business that lasts.

If you are one of those, do a little inventory of your strengths and weaknesses. Then do what Mark Cuban did: focus on your strengths, and see if you can enlist others to help you where you are weak. Remember, it takes a village. Almost no one does it all alone.

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