Teaching: New Internet Strategy for MLM?

Teaching beats selling. For any product or business that requires introduction.

Some years ago, Paul Zane Pilzner told me what he thought was the edge of network marketing:

Educating people about a product (or opportunity) they have not heard about before.

Jeff Olson, an old mentor and friend, used to show us the product life-cycle bell curve:

He’d point out that most NM products are at the lower left side of the bell curve. (What’s now bought by the masses is at the top.) The job of the NMer is, therefore, to introduce products into the market place. Our job, he said:

Educate people about our products.

Fast forward to today. How do the most successful Internet marketers today sell their consulting services, CD sets and training programs? They use what one of them calls, Teaching Sells. It’s out-teaching versus out-spending or out-promising. See here.

Selling by repeating how great your product or business is, well that’s not teaching. Nor is making promises.

So back up a bit: what can you teach people who never heard about your product or business before? So that the right ones would want to know more?

That’s the content that would go on your personal web page. It’s exactly what the excellent eBook I use and recommend states clearly, especially the first 95 pages (this is not free.) This content could go on brochures you create, direct mail/email letters, and any other means you use to introduce and educate people about your product or business.

P.S. It’s not as easy as it looks. Telling how great you think your product is, isn’t it. Everyone already does that and 95% drop out. But it’s the job that’s yours in today’s marketplace, where everyone else sells sells sells.

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  • Dear Kim,

    I was having a difficult time wrapping my mind around this concept until I read Kathy’s blog post, Gulliver’s comments, and then Kathy’s reply. Then the ‘Aha’ hit me. So I suggest others of the New School community do the same.

    Much to do,
    Tom Doiron

  • Hi Kim,

    yes, too many times we all fall into the sales mode and try to sell people about how great our product or opportunity is. Since 95% of the population is resistant to sales, this approach will result in failure.

    If we would just relax, spend time talking and visiting with people, they will tell us what they want or need. Then, we can share with them how our product or opportunity can meet that need in a unique way.

  • Hi Kim,

    Wow, small world, I just saw Jeff Olson a couple of months ago at an event in Philadelphia. Although I’ve met him a couple of times before, this was my first time I had a chance to talk to him. Great guy!

    I couldn’t read the graph you had up there, but I was able to make out the first word and find a better picture of it. I posted it on my server here.

  • I have been a business man for 40 years.Research Chemist and marketer.
    I think the biggest problem with most people building a business on the Internet they want it over nite.

    Their eyes are bigger than what they can swallow.Listening to the hype of making millions.

    They think the Internet is the business which it isn’t in my book.

    All it does is add a mix to the marketing of products with the Internet an additional window of opportunity.Adding to off line sales effort.

    I.E. Mlm’s have a common failing there is to much overhead to make the product profitable to sell.

    On the average the fees you have to pay before you make a profit are plenty.Hosting,Traffic,Leads ect ect.
    Any one wanting to make money should never spend what they cannot afford to lose.

    First thing every one wants is your credit card.You haven’t made a dime but your spending plenty.Reality check nothing happens until the sale is made.

    Forget about the sizzle of millions sell the product and use the sizzle to sell 100 bucks worth.
    The product has to be key to getting the profit.
    Failure does not have to be the conditioned reflex.

    Don’t quit keep going repeat repeat over and over again making money is sweaty work.If you don’t make the calls you don’t make the sale

    Turn failure into success by smart marketing of a product you like and people want.

    Sell what people want.

    95% failure is occasioned by aiming to high and stopping to soon and spending to much on leads you can’t afford. you must create leads yourself.

    Close one sale at a time and give yourself a year to be successful.

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