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The REAL reason some stick and some don’t…And no, it’s not what you think!

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The REAL reason some stick and some don’t…
And no, it’s not what you think!

If you ever wondered why some people stick and some people don’t? It’s about one thing:

“Stages of awareness”

Click the play button below to listen to an audio presentation I gave that explains this…

Here are the basic 9 we all go through for any endeavor…
this one’s for earning more money – online.

1) You know you want to make more money (or lose weight, or
find a perfect mate, etc. This will be about ‘more money’)

2) You like the idea of making money online from your computer.

3) You begin to look into that and soon you realize, “Oh, I need a website!

4) You investigate more, do more and soon you go, “Oh, I need a Word Press site or a blog of some kind…”

5) Oh! I need to put content on the blog

6) Oh! I need to get traffic (visitors) to the blog…(or to your website)

7) Oh! I need to figure out how to turn the visitors into leads
so they sign up onto my list…

8) Oh! I need to figure out how to find out which ones are the buyers
and how to ask them to buy without being salesy or pushy…

9) Oh! I need to figure out how to advertise cheap on Facebook…


With each stage of awareness, the person who remains
interested to learn
, seeks out “how-to” info – online.

IF someone WANTS to pursue this career path, that is.

Like medical school.

It’s a path to learning.

At many points along the way, a person might realize
they don’t want to learn to do those things…and they
quit and look for something else that can give them 1) (more income).

=> There are MANY options to making more income.
We. Are. Not. All. There. Is. (“We” = network marketers, or any industry)

The “awareness discovery path” in any entrepreneurial venture is a
big reason most people don’t ever finish the learning process,
including YOUR NM…

YES they want more income 1),  but when they find out 2-9 above
(FOR NETWORK MARKETING), some would rather find another option to get 1).

It’s not about you. It’s about them, their values, and their priorities.

Still –

Others love the idea of learning what’s involved every step
of the way, and go for it (like I did), and they NEVER whine about the
learning process. Because they actually enjoy it!

Like moi!

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