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The Thing That Attracts Right People

How To Get The Right People?

You are one of 250,000 reps in a network marketing company whose flagship product is a nutritional supplement. You’re into this, you like the product and now, you’re looking for customers and reps. You’ve gone through your warm market.

Now you’re thinking about those bazillion people on Facebook, where you love to hang out.

You know thousands of other reps for your company are also on FB.

You know that if you don’t get noticed, it’s curtains. You can’t get customers or reps online without doing something to GET THEIR ATTENTION.

So here is my question:

What – besides the actual supplement and biz opp – can you offer to attract those folks who would have an interest in your kind of supplement (say it’s a high-end one, whole food based)?

In other words, what is ONE thing you could do on Facebook, to instantly draw right people for your product or business, to YOU? So they’d want to know what YOU have to offer?

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