Three closing no nos…

This was part of a previous post that got lost.

Lulu has just said she wants to buy some product. She’s digging her card out.

1. Do not, for heaven’s sake, send her to your website now. TAKE THE @&#! ORDER! She can learn about the website ordering process later, AFTER she tries this and sees how she likes it.

2. Don’t offer any other product than the one your story was about, which she just bought. Stop with the sale you just made. (Unless she asks.) Change the subject to something else, then say goodbye and see she gets the product (if you didn’t already get it to her.)

3. Don’t bring up the business (unless she asks.)

Let her know you’ll stay in touch to see how she’s using it and how it’s working for her.

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  • That is really good! See I already do this 🙂 There are many people out there that don’t want to take care of these little details and I think they are losing lots of business. I want to thank you for saying this.

    I have a customer who I did ask to place his own order and he is having problems, so now I am having to keep talking to him and I messed up on this one. I should have just taken it over the phone from the beginning. It has been a week since we first attempted for him to do the order himself and it is still not done yet. =:0

  • In the back office of my company’s site, we have a form that we print out and carry with us everywhere. That way, if someone decides to purchase, we can take the order on the spot, then go home and key it in on our own computer, using their e-mail address. They will receive the confirmation from the company just as if they had keyed it in themselves and everyone is happy. After that, you should always show them how to place their own order on your site.


  • I call the orders in (at my other business) with the customer on the phone. This way there will be no hassles, no surprises and no mistakes.

    I also send a hand-written “Thank You” note every time they order. This personal touch has grown me a very loyal customer base.

    Ilka ;o)

  • I always place the first order for both a customer and or distributor, that way they have a positive learning experience with corporate’s ordering department I leave them with a printed info sheet showing their ongoing ordering options via phone, web, or email. It Also explains the policy on changes, additions or cancelations, the sheet includes the order number for the product they ordered and they are automatically signed in for the automatic delivery program.
    In regards to upselling, once a customer or new rep places an order, I would never confuse them that way. I generally review our product catalog with them, and let them know the products that I personally use and why. This has been working for me, as a good percentage of my customers and new reps once using the initial product have ordered another one in addition within the first month. People’s best interest first, and money will always follow.That is how I conducted my real estate business of 30 years.

  • Bottom line – make it as easy and painless for the customer as possible. Let customers be customers and don’t push for anything else. The ones who want to know what you do will ask. They will step forward. If you try to push, you may push them away as a customer also.

    OH if only more company owners could grasp this concept, the industry would be a much better place.

    I have a company that I LOVE the products from. I don’t want to be locked in to a monthly “autoship” with them though. SO, unfortunately, I can only buy their products at the outrageously high (almost double) prices and still have to pay a “fee” to be a customer. Needless to say – since I’m pressured to “become a rep” and “get the good prices” by everyone in that company that I talk to, I don’t buy their products anymore.

    It’s not the reps fault in this case, but the fault of the company who won’t allow their reps to simply sell their products. It’s very sad.

    Roxanne Green

  • Isn’t that the way stores sell things. We walk up to the cashier pay for things we want and leave? Rarely do they upsell at a register. The few times someone has tried to upsell to me at a register they are almost apologetic.

    Let’s just give our customers some respect and some customer attention after the sale.

    Treat others as you want to be treated. How is that for customer service?

    Nancy Carlson

  • I wanted to come back and comment on this. I talked to this guy again and I told him I felt like I failed him in regard to him getting signed up and placing his order. I got him registered this morning over the phone. He later called me back and told me he just got an order already! I am going to use this as a learning experience for sure.

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