Thrill first, details later

In sales the thrill trumps details.

Part of the last Haystack course session focused on how to present your business or product to your audience, using language they can easily relate to. Part of that is the order in which stuff is presented.

Some networkers have this urge to explain why the product works first, and then describe what it did for them. This is the wrong order.

One gal told how she markets a water system that balances the PH in the water – makes it more alkaline. While that is all well and good, most people don’t care about that unless they first see what it might mean for them – i.e. what it can do for them.

So we re-ordered her 30 second initial presentation. First she told the problem this water system had solved for her (reduced her blood pressure significantly in 2-3 months, and got rid of her acid reflux to boot). Then, without prompting, several people in class asked, “Really? How did it do that? ” THEN she explained it. Two people asked for her email and website.

Lead with the thrill, the experience you had. Offer the details later.

What sells the Ferrari? The thrill of going from 0-90 in 7 seconds? Or seeing what’s under the hood?

Isn’t it the same for selling your business or product?

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Kim Klaver


  • This article reminds me about a famous rule of marketing…Sell the sizzle!..not the steak.

    You can watch those wonderful TV home shopping programs on it. Experience first hand how to ‘sizzle’.

    When you watch a slimming program commercial, do they tell you about what the program contains. NO!

    They show how men and women started slimming, how in a manner of minutes all your unsightly fat are melted away..and after then only comes how it works.

    Thanks for the great stuff Kim!

    “Dedicated to Attracting Endless Customers to You”
    – Sunny Tung

  • Enrique – I know what you mean, happens to me all the time with sayings…

    Sunny – You are right on. And usually, they don’t tell you “how to slim down” until AFTER you’ve bought the program. THEN you find out how hard it really is…sigh.

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