‘Tide’ beat us to the punch…

Thanks, Ted.

P&G, makers of the laundry detergent Tide, has beat us to the punch. They’ve figured out how to “stake out the emotional high ground” for uh, Tide.

Their new ad?

Detergent can be so much more.

Sure made me sit up. Detergent?

Starbucks has done it too, and now I understand why they have the friendliest people people working in those stores all over the world: they’ve staked out the emotional high ground with their hiring slogan (just saw it at my local Starbucks):

At Starbucks you can make a difference in someone’s day. (And in your career.)

No talk of the usual – pay, bennies, great environment, wonderful company, etc. NADA.

Now it’s our turn. Changing out the subject:

“Network Marketing Can Be So Much More.”

Who might THAT attract?

And yes, making that meaningful (read: true) WILL require BIG changes in the culture we have created up to now…maybe with entirely new people. Imagine that.

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  • >BIG changes in the culture we have created up to now… maybe with entirely new people. Imagine that.

    …begs the questions:

    1 What changes?
    2 What type of new people?
    3 What happens to the ‘old’ ones?

  • All three are coming my impatient friend. One blog at a time.

    As to #3 – the old ones can stay the way they are if that’s what they want. No dragging by us.

    The old ones who have had it with the old culture will have the chance to embrace the New School practices. I’ll post such practices and put them in a little book. Hehe.

  • >Imagine that.

    ‘MLMreimagined’? I shall.

    And, meantime I shall occupy those impatient moments by reading Biznik.
    Biznik isn’t just a networking group. It’s a community. It’s a necessity. It’s a revolution. And if you’re going to start a revolution, you’d better have a manifesto. Here’s ours.

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